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Booo ATT, Radio Shack FTW!!

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  1. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    So I went to ATT and they said I cant buy it off contract unless I get an early upgrade, I said screw them and went to radio shack, they let me get it off contract with no hassle, It was $450 at RS though, ended up paying $490 total, not a problem for me though, I was expecting $600 when it was announced so its all good.

  2. harlenm

    harlenm Well-Known Member

    That makes zero sense. Was at AT&T yesterday, and while they wouldn't let me buy it a day early, it was $399 off contract.
  3. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    Yup, they said, no, we dont sell it just like that, you need to have an early upgrade, either they were just trying to get a contract out me or something, either way meh, im happy.
  4. ttusomeone

    ttusomeone Active Member

    Bought mine at a local AT&T store for $399 off contract. They gave me no problems. Actually a very good experience.
  5. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    yeah i tried to buy mine online through AT&T's website but for some reason it didn't have the option to buy it off contract. i was trying for a few minutes and it still didn't work. so i ended up buying it off Amazon Wireless for $479.99 (the tax is ridiculous)
    but i got it nonetheless. now the wait begins :p
  6. KupKrazy

    KupKrazy Well-Known Member

    I don't know how some of these ATT corporate stores come off saying that they can't sell it without contract. The fricken price sign SAYS the price without committment - and it's obvious that they can. I've had so many problems with these stores that think that we're morons.
  7. Chew

    Chew Well-Known Member

    I bought mine from Radio Shack this morning and brought along a screenprint of the $399 price from ATT. The guy called the district manager and would not sell it for less than $450. Something about it's "our mark-up" and you'd only get $399 from ATT directly.

    I didn't argue too much considering the $30 gift card I got.
  8. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Well-Known Member Contributor

    At&t store (at least some) do this often with new phones. They dont get much from the outright sale so they hoard them for new lines/upgrades. They will never admit it but it's pretty obvious when you can go right back to the same store in a couple of weeks and buy it outright.

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