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Boost force backup?

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  1. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

    Anyone have a copy of a fresh backup they wanna share? thanx

  2. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

    sorry about the short message this morning....but my backup got screwed up on my phone. and I was hoping that someone might have a nandroid backup they could upload...I would appreciate it alot......either rooted or not....Thanx again..
  3. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

    Come on.....someone has to have a backup they can share i bet...all i need is the system files.......i have everything else....please? i miss my force right now...lol
  4. sonicbluemustang

    sonicbluemustang Well-Known Member

    unfortunately a nand off someones phone would contain contacts and personal info that could be compromised.
  5. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

    That's the reason when you share a nan you don't leave personal information on there!
  6. 2prevail

    2prevail Well-Known Member

    I would do it but I haven't rooted or flashed CWM yet. But whoever has can back up there phone as it is, factory reset, back up the phone at that stage and post it, then restore their first back up like nothing happened!
  7. tegezee

    tegezee Member

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