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  1. negrosaki

    negrosaki Member

    Hello all, thank you for your hard work.

    I just upgraded from my prevail. I rooted as soon as I got the Warp. I uninstalled the bloatware along with Email, Messaging, and Home (I made backups of course). Anyway, my camera app won't open. It crashes immediately. The weird thing is the camcorder works fine. I downloaded camera360 and that works fine too. But I'm just wondering why my original camera app like died o_o

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  2. ZTEAndroidWarp

    ZTEAndroidWarp Well-Known Member

    uninstalling apps that use the camera causes these issues.

    the messaging app is in essence interlaced with the functionality of the camera i recommend you restore your phone and flash cwm then restore it with woodstocks nandroid backup he was kind enough to remove some non essential bloatware and provide a custom boot animation of r2d2
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  3. negrosaki

    negrosaki Member

    Thank you! I'll give it a go :)
  4. Woodstock77

    Woodstock77 Well-Known Member

    Dont remove the email.apk. That app has something to do with camera that makes it quit working.
    See http://androidforums.com/warp-all-things-root/467169-freezing-stock-e-mail-screws-up-camera.html and this thread http://androidforums.com/warp-all-things-root/459858-removing-apks.html
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  5. GruntedDroid

    GruntedDroid Member

    hey guys. i only rooted my phone and didnt delete anything except the Email app. im kind of still figuring all of this out. I literally rooted my phone because of the Email Gmail conflict and a few other app issues i was having.

    can someone lead me to what I need to do to get my cam working again? I wouldnt even mind unrooting my phone as long as i know itll go back to working like it did.
  6. GruntedDroid

    GruntedDroid Member

    any help anyone?
  7. downthemachine

    downthemachine Developer Incognito VIP Member

    There are two links above your posts that go in depth on how to fix your issue. I have just read them, i couldn't tell you what to do to fix it

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