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    Rooting is now a one step process for the original Boost Mobile Warp!!! This method works with the B10 update that was pushed out between december 2012 and february 2013. Download one of the two zips below and install update from stock recovery. This will give you Root, install a custom recovery of your choice, install the data fix, and make custom recovery stick from that one single step. I have personally tested by going back to stock using the ZTE software update tool and trying it multiple times. Note, if you have Public Mobile this method will not work, please see post two and try the other methods, please do not post to this thread concerning Public Mobile or other carrier versions of the Warp.

    Detailed Instructions:

    • Download a zip with the custom recovery of your choice, and save to sd card:
    • With phone completely shut down press and hold the power button and volume up button at the same time until you see the android system recovery
    • Choose Apply update from sd card (use the volume keys to go up and down and the camera button to select)
    • Choose EasyRootCWM.zip or EasyRootTWRP.zip and hit the camera button to run
    • Reboot and enjoy root/custom recovery!

    Both recoveries work great, personally the touch recovery is my favorite, I extend very special thanks to Hroark13 over on xda for porting this recover to the warp and Team Win for coming up it in the first place, please drop by over on xda and give Hroark thanks for bring us TWRP, if you don't know he was legendary over here for getting kernels going etc for us and we would be way further behind where we are today.

    Special thanks to these three for finding this method:


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    Alternative ways to accomplish the same task:

    See post one for the easiest way to do this, here are some alternate more involved ways to get root.

    Second easiest way to Root: Ultimate Warp Drive by Snake

    The Ultimate warp drive tool by Snake will install recovery, install the data fix and root the phone.

    • Download Ultimate Warp Drive here (original post)
    • Connect Phone to Computer
    • Enable Usb Debugging on Phone (settings/applications/development/usb debugging (check it)
    • Unzip Ultimate Warp Drive on your computer
    • Run "Run ME" Batch file
    • Choose option 1
    • Follow prompts

    If that doesn't work, see the next two posts that cover about 90% of the issues.

    Advanced method for those comfortable in the command prompt

    1. Install clockworkmod recovery (CWM) through command prompt and adb:
    • Download Ultimate warp drive and unzip on computerhere (original post)
    • open command prompt at the unzipped ultimate folder location
    • connect phone, enable usb debugging at settings/applications/development
    • type adb reboot bootloader at command prompt (press enter, wait for green android logo to come up on phone)
    • type fastboot flash recovery ztewarpcwm5028c.img (press enter)
    • type fastboot reboot (press enter)
    2. Install patch to fix data restore issue
    • with phone on and connected to usb go back to command prompt at ultimate warp drive folder
    • type adb reboot recovery (press enter, wait for recovery menu on phone)
    • type adb push ext4check.sh /system/bin/ext4check.sh (press enter)
    • adb reboot
    3. Install SU binary and superuser
    • download supersu install zip here(original post)
    • with phone connected to computer go to command prompt
    • type adb reboot recovery (press enter)
    • from phone, go to install zip from sd card, choose supersu zip
    • reboot

    If you have issues with any steps, see below for help:

    Device not found by adb/computer:

    This issue comes up right off the bat for many users, they start to try and install the custom recovery and the command prompt says device not found.

    There are a few possible fixes:

    1. Make sure USB debugging is checked (settings/applications/development/Usb Debugging
    2. open dialer and enter *983*87274# choose AT
    3. Change the usb cable to another usb port on the computer

    If the phone still isn't recognized, I will link some threads later that go into some less common issues/solutions.

    CWM Recovery won't stick, gets put back to stock recovery

    Basically at some point recently ZTE put out an update that put a file on the phone to prevent us from installing cwm recovery. To get around that, all that is needed is to delete the file off the phone while rooted and reflash cwm.

    Check for install-recovery.sh in system/etc/ if it is there either delete it or open it in a text editor and delete its contents. then retry flashing CWM

    You will need a root explorer, you can use the free one called es file explorer. I can post more info later if needed.

    One thread on this issue is here
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    Reserved for issues if any are found
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  4. MrBobo

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    if there are any tips/tricks needed in the future this post will be for that.
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  6. NitroGeek

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    If you get a message saying that sd cannot mount do you use a program called formatsd or wat do you do
  7. NitroGeek

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    Oh and does this work on b08c build number
  8. StarScream2109

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    I added this to the root guide bobo :)
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    This is absolutely wonderful. Detailed, clean and organized. It's a really great read. I wish this was made when I tried to root my warp. All the resources are in one spot! Awesome job sir, you did great!
  10. NitroGeek

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    Can Someone plz respond to my questions
  11. SelfElevated2

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    This isn't a root question, it's an issue we have seen come up with cwm occasionally. I believe the solution sometimes has been to backup the sd card to your computer then reformat it. I like this free utility for formatting.

    there are threads on this topic, anyone have a link handy?
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    Someone will answer your questions, you just have to be patient. Not everybody has the answer to everything and sometimes the OP doesn't read replies as they come in. Its even stated in the first post that the author doesn't know all the problems and doesn't have the solutions to everything. I'm sure when someone comes along and reads this thread and knows the answer they will be more than happy to answer it, but in the meantime the best thing you can do is wait bud. Sometimes you may not like it but people do this kind of work on their spare time. So patience is virtue my friend. Your answers will come in due time.
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    Um ok thx i really do need a chill pill :)
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    Please excuse my language but I didn't wanna come off as a dick but its the truth. There has been a few questions I asked gone unanswered but its okay, I still keep searching for an answer and be patient :) Sorry for getting off topic with this.
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    So i use this app on my pc to formatt my sd and i am good to go
  18. MyndCTRL

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    Well its been my experience that sometimes cwm has trouble with mounting / unmounting my sdcard when I remove it in cwm and switch it to my PC to throw a new ROM on it. But what I do is just power down the phone, and reboot back into recovery and all is well. Reformat in my opinion should always be a last resort.
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    Another job well done Mr. BoBo. Thank you for your dedication to our community and never ending support. :)
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    give it a try, one thing about that program, there is a button (it's been a while since I have used it) to apply the change so you tell it to format but then you have to hit apply... I can't guarantee that will fix the issue, but for some reason it seems to work for some people. I am not sure what gets corrupted from the phone's perspective but the worst you will do is clean up your sd card. Android will put what it needs back on there and you can transfer anything back if you back it up on your pc before you format it so no risk there.
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    PS. Report back if reformatting helps and I will add this to the q&a section, it's been an issue so you aren't the first to deal with it.. this isn't really an all things cwm thread, but I can add some notes under q&a for issues if we find reliable solutions.
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    I know When u Mean To hit Apply but do i just formatt or do i make a partition and formatt
    ps idk what a partition is
    Pss the link u gave me mainly is to make partitions
  23. MrBobo

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    You don't need a partition, just format it
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    Lol now he doesn't need any of that
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