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    Hi, everyone! I'm writing this in hopes to clarify for you which ROM would be best for you in your present situation. Now, this is my first time writing a guide/review, so please, keep your negativity to yourselves. However, constructive criticism is more than welcome, so I can improve upon it. Again, this guide is for YOU the people! Links will be at the bottom of the post, entailing which ROM is which for you fine folks here at the Warp community! This will also prevent a lot of the "Which ROM should I choose" threads! (Because I love to flash ROMs, this is a perfect thing for me to post about!)


    So, you want to know what would be best for YOUR ZTE Warp?! Don't feel like flashing a rom a day to see which you like best? Well you've come to the right place! First, you need to ask yourself a few questions...What are you looking for in a ROM? Stock with some tweaks/changes, such as theme, and removed bloatware? Totally revamped? Or even Overclocked ROM's for the best performance for you? Well, I'll be writing an in-depth review of all the ROM's that I have played with so far, and will edit this post as the roms improve, and as new ones come about! (Or if I find a bug with the particular ROM, etc.)

    ROM Reviews! HUZZAH


    Okay, so I can't really test a lot of these. However, this ROM looks awesome. I was actually going to buy the LG Marquee on Boost and use this rom ;) Bloodawn, thanks for the contribution! Welcome to the Warped Side. We don't have cookies, sorry. Just lots of :beer:


    Tigatron did this one. I think they were whitefiretiger before that! Sure that's irrelevant...but I'm writing this, not you ;) Very alien-ware-esque. Which is neat. Again, I haven't flashed it, due to me being on Virgin Mobile these days. Links are below, as always.

    Warp Cream Sandwich​

    First, I'll start with the one I am currently using at this particular moment: Warp Cream Sandwich. This rom is for those who want a slightly more ICS feel to your phone, as it is themed to be so. Stock apps have been removed, and it comes with a bunch of neat toys for you, including Root File Explorer, and Doggie File Explorer, for even more of an ICS feel. It comes with two launchers: Xperia Home, and Holo Launcher. Holo Launcher will give it even more of an ICS feel, should you choose to go that route. However, I really enjoy the Xperia launcher personally. Themed lockscreen, extended powermenu (reboot, recovery, etc). Again, it's all personal preference. This ROM is still beta, though, so there will be some minor bugs that our own jet is working on to get it wrinkled out. It's come a long way in the past 48 hours, so if you like, feel free to try it out!

    Update: 1.5 is out! Even more stable and bug fixes than when I posted! There is an issue currently where if you want to switch keyboards, wifi must be off. Also, when you first enable/setup your wifi network, you must reboot your phone. Once that's taken care of....Well that's really the only issues I ran into!

    Update: 1.5B is out. I tested this ROM before it was publicly released, and I really thought its improved a LOT. Wifi seems to stick now, and so does the keyboard. Everything seems flawless in this, but there is one thing. When you go to choose wifi, you need to do it in the second level of the menu. Other than that, though, no issues I have seen.

    Update: 1.6 is out now. I've been using it since it was out, and its great. Jet's fix a LOT of stuff. There's only one problem I've noticed though. Wifi for some reason, needs to be rebooted after turning it on to pick up networks. Jet has also enabled a new OTA feature found on XDA I think it was...Regardless there's credit to the OP, so look it up if you want it :p

    Icon Rom

    Stability, Speed, and Reliability
    Completely re-iconed system and all system apks
    Bo8c based
    Rooted w/ Supersu
    Init.d Support
    Busybox 1.19.4 wraithdu
    Loopy smoothness
    V6 supercharger; thanks to zepplinrox@xda
    Extended power menu
    CRT on/off
    Honeycomb boot animation
    Titanium backup
    MX video player for faster streaming video

    Apps removed:
    Mobile id
    Boost Zone
    Browser; replaced with Google chrome port
    Music; replaced with Google play music
    Camera; replaced with Camera ICS
    Alarm clock replaced with Alarmdroid
    Music visual wallpapers
    Magic smoke wallpapers; replaced with Spectrum ICS live wallpapers
    etc bloatware removed
    sorry if i got the name wrong. But this rom looks neat, it looks like a LOT of work has gone into theming, and its a nice blue color. I haven't had a chance to flash it yet, but I will later when I have a moment. I'll update the links later. But you should be able to find it right now :)

    Patchwork ROM

    This one is awesome. Its a LOT of theme work, and a bit of a Frankenstein ROM. Its got tons of features, from other ROMs, and has an MIUI feel to it (which is awesome. I heart MIUI.) Same as before, link will come later. I'm a bit under the weather today, so we'll see.


    Xavior Rom!

    Next up, we have XaviorROM! While I did enjoy this ROM, there were a few kinks (Really nothing major, but I'll point them out just so you folks know.) When trying to use Titanium Backup, it tells you Busybox is not installed. Trying to install Busybox, tells you Superuser isn't installed/that you are not rooted (Though you clearly are, you have SU on the phone.) Like I said, nothing major; I just wanted to remove Doubletwist alarm, and replace it with Alarmclock Extreme (Personal preference; Also Doubletwist was saying it was not installed properly.) The UI on this ROM is very nice, the themeing is amazing, and it comes with EZ Launcher, which is a launcher I have never seen before. Very nice ROM overall, and it is being developed as we speak!

    Update: I did remember something about this one; Again, this could be user error, but I noticed the ROM was a little sluggish when moving through the app drawer. Just something for you folks to be aware of. Again though, my personal experience does not mean YOU will have the same results!

    Update 2: xaviorrom.webs.com <---This site is where you can keep track of the ROM and its progress! You can also register there if you'd like and hara....I mean...SUGGEST things to the dev! >:3


    Next on the list: Unitology! This ROM certainly has come a long way, since I first flashed it. This ROM is very smooth, features Xperia Home, and running great! Just make sure you follow the directions (I didn't the first time, ended up with a wake-lock issue. This is why its important to read the directions :D) A few tips from him, gave me a fully functional ROM! It has only one real bug that I'm aware of, and that's a bug where you check something (EG: Unknown Sources, New Keyboard, etc) that it won't take. What I had done at first was fix permissions, or reboot after checking something, which got annoying. So fixing permissions permanently solved it at this moment. Being worked on for a permanent fix, though! Again, though, this rom is BETA. So there may be a few kinks that you may or may not like.

    Update: The full version is out! (Though I'm sure Apollo will change things) As of 7/6/2012, Unitology is running without any problems that I could see when I flashed it. Very smooth, whole thing is themed, from Xperia to the signal bars. Great work, Apollo! Go to the OP in that thread, download, and flash today! Or tomorrow, if you're lazy/indecisive.

    Update: 1.0B is out. I recommend this ROM as it seems to be running flawlessly now. I had no issues, no force closes, etc. The only reason I didn't stick with it is the red is a little hard for me to see things, due to my poor vision. Great job, though! Flawless Victory!

    1.0C: Okay, so after a few hours of testing/playing with Unitology 1.0C, I've had no problems really. My phone was a little big sluggish at times...but that's the warp. No matter what ROM I use. Lots more theming done, notification toggles added, swype2remove, etc. My suggestion? Play with it and see if you like it, as not everyone likes red :p Great work though!


    Viridian/Stings Blue Rom!

    Next up: Viridian/Stings Blue ROM! These are nice ROMs for those wanting a themed stock rom, and as they are more or less stock, are great for someone who is unsure as to what they want in a ROM, but hate the layout/look of the GB default icons. While I say they are stock, they still contain root/CWM, so you can easily switch ROMs, should you so choose to. Really, these ones come down to a preference: Green, or Blue? Personally, I chose Viridian (This was the first ROM I flashed to my phone, actually.) So if you're looking just for a themed stock ROM, these are for you. Basic, yet very nice and pretty.

    n00b rom!

    Features hidden in this button.
    No Root/CWM required to install, just download and flash through stock recovery or CWM!!!
    Android 2.3.5 (B08c Stock)
    Glitch Kernel 1.3 with init.d boot support (thanks Downthemachine)
    Rooted, CWM Recovery, Deodexed
    Busybox Updated
    Onandroid Support
    Removed Bloatware
    Replaced stock Browser, Camera, Gallery, Launcher, File Explorer, Music
    Replaced Stock Messaging with AOSP Messaging themed Black
    Themed to a minimal/black and white ICS based theme (signal, wifi, 3g, font, Dialer, Contacts)
    Extended Power menu
    Notification toggles, swype to clear
    Automatic Swap, Zipalign, Loopysmoothness, SD Readahead
    Debranded lockscreen and notification menu
    Superphone Build.prop tweaks by Mholloway
    Custom Splash, Boot animation
    Optional Extras available in post 3 including themes

    Okay, redoing my review for this one. n00b has ALWAYS been my go to ROM on the warp. Everything just worked. No force closes (Except when I was breaking stuff.) Its one of the (if not the most) stable rom out there. This is the one I highly recommend.

    Warp OEM ROM

    Features will be below in the button.
    added Snapdragon boot logo using Android Boot Screen Maker (ABSM)

    added Shin's OC kernel (BIG thanks to Shinru and Hoark for this one)

    modified build.prop to include tweaks for LCD density, media streaming, speed reboot, sleep/battery life, TCP buffer, prox sensor speed, launcher, wireless speed, no boot animation, media quality, dalvik heap size, video acceleration and check-in disable (thanks to dheeraj (dhlalit11) and dark_knight35 at XDA)

    deleted boot animation & sound

    installed AdAway, Boat Browser, FTL Launcher, Google Play Store, MX Player, Shady File Manager, QuickPic, RealCalc, RocketPlayer, UltraNote




    added additional ringtones and notification sounds

    added modified services.jar for throttle fix - credits?

    added init.d script support

    added updater-script and update-binary common to most of the ROMs here (thanks Shin!)

    -added MIUI icon set
    -added "Warp OEM" text, removed carrier name, changed notification colors
    -battery icon to show state of charge

    removed unneeded apps:
    -Activation (activation4005.apk)
    -Boost Zone (Zone-Boost.apk)
    -browser (replaced with Boat Browser)
    -calculator (replaced with RealCalc)
    -Documents To Go trial
    -gallery (Gallery3D.apk - replaced with QuickPic)
    -Genie Widget
    -Google Partner Setup
    -Google Quick Search box
    -HTML Viewer
    -Live Wallpapers
    -Magic Smoke Wallpapers
    -Market (vending.apk)
    -Market Updater
    -MobileID (W_Installer.apk)
    -Music (replaced with RocketPlayer)
    -My Files (filer.apk)
    -NotePad (NotesPad.apk - replaced with UltraNote)
    -Oma Download Provider
    -Oma Drm Provider
    -Preferred Activity Provider
    -protips.apk (homescreen tip boxes)
    -SD Log
    -Sprint Installer
    -Sprint Permissions
    -Task Manager (replaced with Advanced Task Killer)
    -Visualization Wallpapers
    -XT9 Keyboard (XT9IME.apk)

    added extra apps:
    -Advanced Task Killer
    -Android System Info
    -Barnacle WiFi Tether
    -InfoLife History Eraser
    -Notification Launcher (to give the ROM notification toggles, at the user's option)
    -PDF Reader
    -Screenshot ER Demo
    Okay, so. I haven't played with this one yet. Haven't really had time due to life. But I know Mercury has been working on this for about as long as it took Guns N' Roses to release Chinese Democracy. (lulz) A lot of work has gone into this one as with all ROM's. When I have time, I'll grab my warp and try it out. Until then, you folks be the judges. Link at the bottom.

    ZTE Nexus
    Again, features button thing.
    Version 1.0
    Stock GB apps
    Removed bloatware
    Added 3D GB launcher
    Lightly themed MMS.apk. Replaced the colored notifications to the stock grey ones.)

    Version 1.1
    Replaced Email app with AOSP Email.
    Replaced stock SMS app with AOSP SMS
    Replaced Boost boot anim. for Nexus S boot anim
    Replaced stock 3D GB launcher (blurry icons) for a 2D AOSP GB launcher
    Added Super Phone III build.prop.
    Updated Apps
    So this one is really a stock ROM going for a GB feel. It looks pretty damn nice, from what I can see so far.Give it a try folks!

    Shins ROM!

    Next up: Shins ROM! The second ROM I flashed to my Warp! This ROM I enjoyed a lot, due to the Overclocked kernel! 1.7ghz I think it was clocked to? Correct me if I'm wrong there :p It ran great, but there was a problem with the OC kernel. Whenever WiFi was turned on, the phone would lose service totally. So no incoming data/calls/sms/mms would come through; I think shin has posted a fix for that, in the form of a non-OC Kernel. (Again, though: Beta ROM. Expect things to not work right!) Tons of build.prop tweaks, init.d tweaks, removed apps, added ones, etc. Again, Xperia Launcher. Its a great launcher, and I love the customization of it! So if the wifi thing doesn't bother you much and you want a nice smooth overclocked ROM, this is for you! (Turn on WiFi, and game! No interruptions while playing Angry Birds, or whatever tickles your fancy!) I used this ROM for a while, because that's what I did. Turned on WiFi so I could have uninterrupted gaming!

    Update: Beta 2 appears to have been taken down! does this mean beta 3 is on its way?! Keep your eyes out and we'll see!

    Update 2: Beta 2 was actually eaten by Dropbox. Shin has re-uploaded it. However, that doesn't mean that Beta 3 isn't close! Shin's gotten a HELL of a lot done on this ROM lately, like some sort of ROM NINJA! I don't know about you guys, but Beta 3 will be like. The Holy Grail due to all of the new ports Shin has done!

    Update 3: Beta 3 is OUT! though this ROM really doesn't run like a beta. Been using it 12 hours, now and we have a bunch of neat features added!

    Notification Toggle port
    Swipe to clear port
    Chrome Port
    Non OC due to stability (If you don't mind the slight instability, there is a link to the OC kernel in his OP if I'm not mistaken.)
    Everything I've tested, works. Including the notifications, swipe to clear, Wifi, etc.
    To me, this ROM feels like CM7 now. Minus the instabilities that CM7 has (Video buffer issues, etc.)
    There is a problem with the theme (was) and shin has since released an update for that. Enjoy.

    Simple ROM!

    Next on the list: SimpleRom! This one I have not tested, at this particular moment. But looking at the ROM, its very nice. Deodexed, zipalligned, themed, removed bloatware, etc. There appears to be an error with WiFi, where you get an error message in the newest one (Again, its not a final release. Expect bugs :p). I have not tested this myself, yet, but once I do I will update this post. (I do love the triforce wallpaper, matches one of my tattoos nicely :D)
    This ROM should be tested by me within the next few hours; Be on the lookout for a better review from me then!

    Update: Alright, so I can confirm that in the newest version of SimpleROM, there is a wifi issue currently. The dev is aware of this issue, and will fix it as soon as they have time; In the meanwhile, I will flash the previous version and try it out! Other than that, though, I haven't noticed too many issues. A weird thing I ran into is that the launcher didn't seem to have anything at the bottom for me to click on...I'm not used to Zeam, so it very well could be user error on my part! Everything else, though, is working without a hitch.

    Update on this one: PattF has totally redone this ROM from the ground up. This is a ROM that I haven't used, since I haven't had time to flash things on my warp with work and whatnot. But regardless, from the screenshots, it looks great. This is one of those ROMS that emphasizes the "just works"philosophy, and tweaks and whatnot could very well break it. It's supposed to work right out of the box (flash?)

    Windows Phone 7!

    Finally, we come to Windows Phone 7 for the Warp! This one is really cool; Have you liked the look of the new Microsoft UI? Well, look no further! This ROM will be perfect for you! Launcher 7, extended power menu (Reboot, Recovery, etc), can support OC, custom icons for the launcher, animations, bloatware gone. Tons of neat little tweaks! So if you want your phone to look like Windows Phones, go for it! Its a nice ROM, and the windows layout works great with a big screen like this!

    Update: There is a bit of a bug with this one; Launcher 7 force closes. There is a fix, though! You can either use titanium backup, and uninstall it from the ROM and download it again from the market, OR there is a link to a post in the thread for a fix. Titanium Backup method was easier for me, and it worked great.

    Warp Shark Beta!​

    This is one I made! Uhm. I've used it all day, and fixed all bugs I found. Xperia launcher, bloatware removed, build.prop tweaks. Its beta, and my first ROM. So do expect bugs; (If you encounter any, please post them in the appropriate thread for me to look into.)

    Update: Warp Shark v1.0 is out, working on v1.1 as we speak. There are a bunch of tweaks I'm adding and removing, because I'm just indecisive. Its also going to have a cyan feel to it, for those who like the color of cyanogenmod like I do >.> Maybe 1.1 will be done soon, but who knows?! Manually themeing all icons is a lot of work!

    Update 2: Probably not being developed anymore. My HDD crashed, and I lost everything, and I'm lazy. So yeah :p

    Essentials ROM​

    Well folks, there's a new ROM out, and you know what that means! Prinny style review time! So here we go! Essentials ROM is pretty nice. Its a stock based ROM, with some added features for you, including but not limited to:
    Themed lockscreen
    Themed battery icons
    Iris (Siri for Android)
    and much more! So if you like stock but want a little bit of a twist, I say go give this one a shot today, and as always, make sure you thank the Dev, and if there are any bugs, report to them in their thread! As always, link is in the LINKS section below :)

    Update: Make sure you check out his new updates! There is a shadows version and a classic version. The classic being my favorite so far, it just looks amazing. Great themeing and choice of wallpaper in that one. Looking forward to what you do next!

    Fallout ROM​

    No, the world is not ending. Not until December, anyway. Trolololol! Anyway, I digress!
    Fallout ROM by yankees! (I think he's a Red Socks fan...) This ROM looks like there was a LOT of work put into it.
    Themed Lockscreen
    Go Launcher Theme
    Themed status bar
    Fallout Wallpaper
    TONS of features

    Whats that? You don't like Fallout? Well have I got a suggestion for you! Luckily, Go SMS and Go Launcher can be themed to however you like! Feeling Steampunk-ish like me lately? Well download the steampunk skins! Feeling girly like Apollo? (joking
    :D) Well luckily for you there are tons of Pink/Purple/Hello Kitty/Glittery/Sparkly themes for you! Fallout fan or not, this ROM has some awesome features that I would recommend you check out.


    (Sorry, dirtyredz! Didn't mean to leave you out!)
    Okay guys, I forgot one! This one is another WP based ROM for your phone. However it has a bit of a twist to it; The custom Icons are just AMAZING. Launcher 7, zipalligned, deodexed, bloatware removed. This is a nice ROM, smooth as a baby's butt! Again with the other WP7 ROM, though, there is a chance of the launcher Force Closing; Fear not, though! Our hardy devs (as always!) have a fix! That being in the first post of his thread! Other bug at the moment is that when your phone is charging, the battery icon disappears; Which to me, isn't really a factor. Thank you, LED light that tells me when my phones almost charged by changing colors!
    Also, the boot animation was hysterical XD You need to flash it, if you want to see what I mean :p

    Wrap Up!​

    To sum it up: There are lots of ROMs out there, and lots of them have neat little tweaks/functions built in. The choice is yours on which you go with; Personally, I can't make up my mind. So many talented devs here, that I flash a different ROM at least once a day! And as always, feel free to post here, or in the ROM thread for questions. One of us will try to answer as soon as we can; and we are very nice and don't bite! (Well, maybe Apollo...he might a little bit...)

    In all seriousness, a big thanks to everyone who made these works of art possible. Bobo, hroark, shin, Apollo, sting, yankees, Patt, chev, downthemachine, mholloway, dirtyredz, there are so many to list, and if I forgot you, sorry! Post and I will put you in! I promise! I tried doing this once, and I got so frustrated when I couldn't make a zip file flashable >_>; Seriously, guys, you're all amazing. Keep up the great work, and as always, feel free to PM me for testing! I love flashing new ROMs/Features.

    LINKS! In no particular order, here we go!​



















    And seriously, I can't stress enough how thankful I am to all you developers. You made this phone a BEASTLY machine; Thank you guys. You've done so much work for us, it means a lot to us here in the community :D

    Also, if anyone has any other bugs/findings, please post them here, or PM me your findings. I would like to keep this as updated as possible
    :) I know when I first got my Warp, I had a really hard time deciding what ROM I wanted! (I still do. I'm quite indecisive.)

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