[Boost Mobile] LEVIATHAN Elegace & Elegance OC Roms Released

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  1. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    In Continuation Of my Leviathan Rom Series i am releasing Leviathan Elegance, And Leviathan Elegance OC (1.6GHZ)
    I wanted to make a leviathan rom with a brighter interface

    - Built on the same foundation as Leviathan XIV
    - B08C based
    - Init.d support
    - Swap Support (Not in OC Version...yet)
    - Standard Kernel by DOWNTHEMACHINE...thanks for a great kernel
    - OC 1.6GHZ Kernel by hroark13
    - OC No Frills CPU Control
    - Superphone II build.prop (Thanks again to Mhalloway for this)
    - Qualcomm Specific Hardware tweaks in Build.prop
    - Mi File explorer
    - Root Browser Lite
    - Camera ICS+
    - Adobe Flash Player 11
    - DSP Manager

    - Updated Interface (White Elegance)


    -------- CHANGELOG ---------
    -Added Airplane mode to power menu
    -Added Silent mode to Power menu
    Version Issues Resolved
    -Home button Fixed
    -camera button Fixed
    -lockscreen Fixed,
    -Force closes for some.. Fixed
    -Minor Bug Fixes
    -Build.prop changes, removed some code, updated version system
    -Removed OTA Update center
    -Changed window transition effects (for speed)

    DOWNLOAD Leviathan Elegance OC Here:
    Leviathan Elegance OC

    Leviathan Elegance OC 1.0 (OBSOLETE)

    Here is the Updated Build.prop file

    Elegance Build.prop prop rev2
    DOWNLOAD LINK:build.prop

    Using root browser, copy the new build.prop to /system

    Reboot into recovery, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik Cache, Fix Permission.. Reboot

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  2. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Looks Cool, I downloaded it, The OC version, may give it a try tomorrow. It's late on the east coast.
  3. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Lol you put it in the wrong place buddy. Should be in all things root section. I'll have it moved for you.

    Rom looks and sounds interesting, I may try it out
  4. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Ok update.. ill start off by saying i like it alot. I like all theming youve done and i love that its oc and swap enabled. I havent put swap on yet... ill say that even with oc im not losing cdma service soo someone fixed something. Rom is lightning fast. I love it

    But i did find a 2 little bugs (little to me) that i will pm you about.

    Anywho in this screenshot you can see i have wifi connection and cdma service while obviously overclocking :thumbup: :D

  5. ggiddix

    ggiddix Well-Known Member

    Downloads aren't working. Can you fix them please i want these Roms lol
  6. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely trying the oc version out later today.
  7. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    just looked, must have been a dropbox issue, they are both working now
  8. jdremler

    jdremler Well-Known Member

    so are any of the issues fixed with the OC kernel?
  9. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    We arent losing service while wifi is enabled anymore... i havent experienced the bluetooth issue as of yet.
  10. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else tried? Itd be awsome if theres a fully workin oc
  11. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    SelfElevated2 has a screenshot at the top of this post of it working. cdma and wifi on OC kernel
  12. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    So I downloaded and flashed this Rom really looking forward to overclocking,but as usual nothing involving and oc kernel will boot on my Warp. Freezes up in boot animation. Disappointed as to why this will not work on some Warps. Any suggestions as to why this happens?....
  13. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Well-Known Member Developer

    what firmware version are you running.. B08C ?
  14. PsyMega

    PsyMega Well-Known Member Developer

    Great! Magnificent Work!

    Only one problem for me was that my home button completely stopped working but other than that OC completely worked switching between Bluetooth no losing service let phone sleep after toggling wifi,3g,and Bluetooth and everything works good job man.
    Dm47021 likes this.
  15. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

  16. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Well-Known Member

    Why will the kernal work for this rom and not others
  17. Tigatron

    Tigatron Well-Known Member

    I've had the 1.6 oc kernel working on a few roms. Im not sure why some have problems and others don't.
  18. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Are you clearing both caches and and a data wipe before booting the device after flashing?? Also are you sure that you are waiting long enough? Because when you clear dalvik cache it rebuilds it before going past the boot screen giving the illusion that it isn't going to boot.
    It can take as long as 10 minutes for its first boot.
  19. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Well this isn't shinrus kernel because his goes to 1700. I'm guessing it's hroarks. I've heard that the super build prop has made some issues related to shins Oc go away. Maybe with hroarks it completely gets rid of them but I don't know. Down the machine is the man that should look at this kernel and set up and figure out the difference. It surprised me how nice the Rom was. He did a nice job
    Dm47021 likes this.
  20. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    I did wait about ten minutes. I was clearing the caches and wiping data before flashing but not after flashing. So are you saying that I should clear both caches and wipe data after flashing before rebooting?
  21. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Well-Known Member

    Itd be awsome if it worked with noob
  22. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Thats what he's sayin.:D
  23. bricky

    bricky Well-Known Member

    everything seems nice t*** real fast except my home button doesn't work
  24. Krowbarr

    Krowbarr Well-Known Member

    Okay, so should I wipe everything before AND after flashing, or just after flashing?
  25. bricky

    bricky Well-Known Member

    it's fast but it's not swapping and my home button doesn't work

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