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  1. joevilla

    joevilla New Member

    i just had my phone rooted and i accidentally deleted a app i liked, and the guy that rooted it is not from town. how do i get back stock apps? or how do i restore it back to when i got it?:confused:

  2. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    I had removed my email app, without reading first that it messes up the camera, so I had to do a complete stock install and reset.
    The way I did it was I grabbed the Handset Software update tool from zte, and used that to reset the phone. It worked like a dream and reset me to stock again. Keep in mind it told me I was already up to date IE: D08, which I already knew, and it gave the option to reset anyways, something about asking "are you sure you want to reset still?" not sure the exact words.

    I am now rooted again and have NOT removed my email app, and running just fine.

    I would really do some good research before removing any apps though before you do find out if there are any side affects, because for the life of me I cannot figure out WHY they tie in email with the camera of all things, but they do, so just do some extensive research is all.

    I'm not sure exactly were I got the file or the link I used, but if you search forums it should be in here somewhere I am sure. I will post back if I find a link and leave it here.

    Hope that helps

    I found this thread http://androidforums.com/warp-all-things-root/463257-return-stock-zte.html and it links to ZTE's web page which tis this link http://www.zteusa.com/support/index_1101.html#2

    On ZTE's site I found that restore app.
  3. mrsboots

    mrsboots Well-Known Member

    With the limited flashing options available to the Warp, it is more advisable to download a utility and "freeze" unwanted or unused apps rather than remove them. The storage space is so generous on this device that there really isn't anything gained by completely removing apps you may or may not understand how the systems is affected by.
  4. alpha2k

    alpha2k Well-Known Member

    I agree completely with this suggestion. The phone has 2.6GB internal memory, not to mention you have up to, a 32gb sd card you can use for things such as music, apps you can move to the sd card, photo's, etc..etc.., but 2.6gb of internal memory is a phenomenal amount for a phone. I being a HUGE widget user, in which case you cannot move the app to the sd card, because if you do the widget will then no longer work, so considering that, I have yet to even fill a 3rd of my phone memory up. Of coarse I am leery of apps and how they can react so I do quite a bit of research and only install certain apps/widgets and watch the phone closely for a few days if not weeks after installing them, I also do not do Facebook, or anything similar, I'm pretty basic when it comes to that stuff. I do have angry birds, a flight game called Pacific fighters or something, winamp, fruit ninja, Go weather widget, and a few others, those are the biggest memory/space eaters I can recall, and I am only down to 2.4gb still. I move stuff to the sd card when I can, but quite a bit of my stuff, probably 70% - 80% is still on my phone itself.

    The only thing I took off my phone was boost zone I think it's called, and one other I can't recall atm, but other than that I leave stuff alone. I use the gmail app for email, and since I can't get rid of the email app, I leave it be.
    If the apps bother you to see or look at them, you could always get a home replacement, then in the app drawer do a hide apps list, then hide them from showing. This way it never uninstalls, but you never see them either.
    I'm not sure how "freezeing" the apps works exactly, I've seen it in a few programs, but never have tried it. Once frozen do they stay after a reboot or power down and back up? I am assuming that frozen apps are just that, they exist in the os/system, but no longer are functioning in the background or at boot-up. Kinda like a frozen item, you can see it, but it's not functioning or working, even though it's there.

    As for Boost Zone I have found no ill affects from removing it. If there is a bad side affect I have no found it or ran into it yet.
  5. mrsboots

    mrsboots Well-Known Member

    Freezing an app removes it from function and it will no longer show up in the app drawer just as if it had been removed, however you will still see it in the Manage Apps section. The advantage to this over removing is that if you find that the frozen app has negatively affected another function you can un-freeze it.

    In my older phones I would remove apps and use Link2SD to gain space but with the Warp there is no need. My other devices also had more active and experienced dev communities around them so flashing, restoring, etc options were more prevalent, available, and reliable. Another reason I've opted for freezing on this device.

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