[Boost Mobile] Return to Stock for CWM (updated 4/11)

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  1. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    This is as close to a pure stock image as I can get

    These ROMs are flashed with CWM

    They will

    format /system /data /cache

    extract the stock system files to /system

    create the proper symlinks that are suppose to be on a stock ROM

    set permissions

    flash the stock kernel

    flash the stock recovery (replaces CWM recovery)


    latest version




    original file I made from one of the Nandroids I found on this site

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  2. aaanadie

    aaanadie Well-Known Member

    I apologize for my bad English and stupid questions at first:D.

    Should be good having a similar version of this rom, exactly the same thing but rooted and with latest cmw, I'd like to have both, using this one to bring my phone to the store and the rooted version for everything else needing return to stock.

    Thank you very much for your support, We don't have a lot of devs for ours Warps.
  3. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    I may make that ROM

    What I am trying to do is provide a bunch of tools to encourage more people to do dev work on this phone

    the more people we have the better
  4. ctislva

    ctislva Well-Known Member

    is this one of the links you took down couse i could use it right now

    i will just flash the stock recovery and use the warp upgrade tool no worries
  5. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

  6. ctislva

    ctislva Well-Known Member

    confused as to why it put me back to B08b
  7. ctislva

    ctislva Well-Known Member

    confused as to why it put me back to B08b
  8. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    ill update the OP, I thought it was B08c
  9. ctislva

    ctislva Well-Known Member

    me too thats why i was confused
  10. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    fixed permissions
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  11. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    hroark, any chance you can update this with woodstock's nandroid backup of b08c? I want to point people here to go back to stock, but it's a firmware version back and b08c solved a lot of issues... if it's a ton of work/time I don't want to take you away from cm7 though :)

    Thanks also for coming to warp, it's a HUGE bonus to have you around and you have already put us leaps and bounds ahead of where we were!

    Happy coding!
  12. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to be rude but bump because

    1. I really want this to remain B08b
    2. Could you update the title? :p

    Although yeah, something for B08c would be nice.
  13. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    well before i do anything, i would like some feedback from people, letting me know if this worked for them or not

    I have tested it and it seemed fine to me, but the real test is always when other people start using it
  14. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    Eel by "update the title" I meant update the thread's title, nowhere does it indicate what stock firmware you're reverting to.

    And yes, it worked for me marvelously already. Sorry for not mentioning that earlier.
  15. Knoxville363

    Knoxville363 Well-Known Member

  16. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    I would say that the best way to return to stock is to use FTM mode and the Online Upgrade utility

    But if you have CWM then you do not have FTM Mode, and you have to flash stock recovery back

    So the RTS in the OP is good to return you to stock recovery and system image

    What I would like to do is create some thing that is practical

    For instance, if we get CyanogenMod Working

    Well CyanogenMOD does not support hidden menu stuff, updating PRLs and activation of the phone

    So any one who will be running CyanogenMOD would be smart to keep a stock image on their sdcard that they can flash in CWM if they need to do any of those things

    We will not want it to overwrite the CWM recovery with stock recovery

    So I should make a zip that flashes you to Stock B08c but leaves the recovery partition alone
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  17. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    i made RTS zips for all versions of the ROM I was able to find
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  18. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    wow thank you very much! I am planning on keeping this on my sd card in case I need to take the phone in to boost or send it to zte. Also will be great if I want to start from stock and test something!
  19. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    Wow, and here I thought the ROM only went back as far as B08... Dunno whether seeing all these changes are encouraging or not.
  20. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    I really do not think we need those older ones, but they may help someone like a developer who is looking for older files

    I am actually going to try to use some of the B06 files with CyanogenMod, since I am having issues with the new files

    Just because a ROM has a later version number, does not always mean it is better, a lot of times it is just security fixes to try and prevent people from getting root and stuff like that
  21. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was thinking maybe if somebody smart compared the different roms, then maybe they could find the parts that were broken in the process of "updating" and repair them...in my simple mind, anyway.
  22. xBabyfaceKingx

    xBabyfaceKingx Well-Known Member

    Yo Knoxville363, I noticed in your videos that you boot into CWM recovery from your computer. There is a much simpler way to do it. Simply just power off your phone, then turn it back on holding the power button and volume+ key at the same time and that also gets you into CWM recovery. Pretty much the way you are doing it you are reinstalling CWM every time which your not really doing anything wrong but its easier and faster the way I explained.
  23. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey Hroark, how goes it man??
  24. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    not too bad, thanks for asking
  25. Alsaces Daddy

    Alsaces Daddy Well-Known Member

    Hroark you are the MAN! You saved my phone's life. I wasn't getting calls or texts.. The screen wouldn't wake. I was trying to get shin's mod to work on my phone but had no success. I will start from scratch from here, but I mostly just needed to be able to accept phone calls.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

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