[Boost Mobile] [ROM] n00b (B10 based) VIII.II FULL Install 1/23/2013

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  1. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member


    For all us n00bs out there, this ROM is a collection of my favorite mods/changes along with a light theming to de-uglify some of the eyesores that shipped stock on this phone.

    My goals for the ROM are stability, a small footprint and a clean look & feel. See next post for specs, removed apps etc, and post three for tips/tricks.

    This ROM can be flashed straight from stock, unrooted and without CWM recovery!!!!!

    Well, they don't hate it...

    Here's what people are saying:

    "Back home where I belong. Rom wise, Apt wise.
    The storm is over, Phone wise, Weather wise.
    Done with the Flashing an Splashing.
    No more Testing. Time for Nesting.
    Sorry I ever Left this great Rom!!
    Cause it truly is the BOMB!!!"

    "This is the first time I install and since then I haven't had any random reboots I love your rom." - TyRantxHD

    "Mr. Bobo awesome work. My phone is running so much better. And now with the optional custom Kernal update my phone is moving at warp speed! Love it. Thanks." - tatiniumzte

    This is an unreal ROM. I cannot believe how fast this made my phone. Tested everything before installing my apps, no problems so far. Great Work!!! - esparks004

    ...and many many more, you guys make it all worth the time and effort!


    n00b VIII.II FULL ROM (includes all updates below) (will wipe all data/apps, won't touch SD card files, follow install steps below)
    MD5: f37f78427837fd01d93cddd34b00da42

    To update from VII:

    1. Install this update: (see post 2 for change log)

    VIII UPDATE ONLY (to update from VII without loss of data)(flash in recovery)

    2. Then install this update: (see post 2 for change log)

    n00b VIII.I UPDATE

    3. Optional update for Lag:

    n00b VIII.II Lag Fix

    Stock Recovery Install Instructions (again, no root or cwm needed) (full install, wipes everything!):

    • Download ROM and save to sd card, link above
    • Back up anything important, this install will wipe all apps/data
    • Boot into recovery (shut down phone, power on holding both volume up and power button until recovery is displayed)
    • Choose Apply update from sd card (use the volume keys to navigate and the camera button to select)
    • Select ROM zip file downloaded earlier (user camera button to start install)
    • Reboot when message that install completed (first boot will take a couple minutes)

    CWM Recovery Install Instructions (full install, wipes everything!):

    • Download ROM and save to SD card, link above
    • Back up anything important, this install will wipe all apps/data
    • Boot into recovery (power off then power on holding both volume up and power button until recovery comes up)
    • Choose install zip from sd card and select ROM zip file downloaded earlier
    • Reboot when message that install completed (first boot will take a couple minutes)


    Splash and Lock Screens:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Home Screen & Notification Menu:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Power Menu and Messaging App:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Phone Dialer & Call Screens:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Wish List/To Do List
    • Extended shut down power menu options

  2. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    Features Overview
    Android 2.3.5 (B10 Stock)
    OVERCLOCK Kernel (thanks Downthemachine)
    Rooted, TWRP Recovery, Deodexed
    Busybox Updated
    Removed Bloatware
    Replaced stock Browser, Camera, Gallery, Launcher, File Explorer, Music
    Replaced Stock Messaging with AOSP Messaging themed Black
    Themed to a minimal/black and white ICS based theme (signal, wifi, 3g, font, Dialer, Contacts)
    Extended Power menu (screenshot, quick reboot, reboot, recovery)
    Notification toggles, swype to clear
    Automatic zRam, SD Readahead
    Debranded lockscreen and notification menu
    Custom Splash, Boot animation

    Change Log:

    Version VIII.I & VIII.II Update
    • Added swap (removed zRam)
    • Replaced TWRP recovery with cwm
    • Replaced Holo Launcher with ADW Launcher
    • Fixed notification led color being red instead of green
    • Fixed UOT Kitchen error
    • Replaced ICS Keyboard with Touchpal Keyboard

    Version VIII Update
    • Update to B10 as base, including baseband
    • Updated Apps
    • Removed future Boost update notifications permanently

    Version VII
    • Updated Apps (launcher, browser, music, gallery, play store)
    • Added Flashlight support and app (notification toggle still not fixed, other apps may work from the store now, thanks to smartmanvartan)
    • Implemented zRam in place of swap
    • 1.8 OC Glitch Kernel by DTM
    • Defaulted OC to 1.6 sio/SmartassV2
    • Changed Font
    • Removed DSP Manager
    • Added TWRP recovery (if you prefer cwm, here's the zip to flash it (flash after you reboot once after the update))
    • Changed GPS config to google for faster gps fix
    • Removed USB Debugging icon when usb connected

    Version VI
    • minor theming updates
    • stability tweaks (removed loopy, zipalign, build.prop mods)
    • new screeen transition animations (thanks chev)
    • updated system apps (boat, holo launcher, quickpic)
    • new power menu options (screenshot, quick boot) (thanks chev)
    • New kernel to increase in-call volume (thanks Downthemachine!!!!)
    • New notification menu ported from WP7 ROM (thanks Chev!!!!!!)
    • Various theme tweaks to the notification pull down etc. (minor)
    • Swappiness script replacement for swap (set to stock default of 60%)
    • Quickpanel app to customize the notification toggles, note the flashlight does not work right now so please disable it or you will get a force close.

    Version V
    • n00b ROM is now flashable from stock, no root/cwm or computer needed
    • Automatic swap at boot, swapper 2 no longer needed (thanks Downthemachine)
    • New kernel from Downthemachine (init.d support, new wifi modules)
    • Updated all apps (boat, holo, supersu, play)
    • Added Superphone build.prop tweaks (thanks Mholloway)
    • Updated Busybox
    • Changed Default background
    • New Messaging black app (GB 2.3.5 AOSP, allows higher res photos, thanks Pattf and xda's snandlal)
    • Added new splash image (during boot and kernel loading)
    • Added Onandroid support (thanks Chevalon)
    • Added Init.d2 for post boot init.d scripts (auto zipalign, sd readahead and loopysmoothness included)

    Version IV
    • Updated all apps (boat, play, holo launcher, quickpic, supersu)
    • Notification menu (thanks to jetx, shin and lidroid)
    • Swype to clear (thanks to jetx and shin)
    • More volume steps (thanks jetx)
    • ICS system menu (thanks jetx (noticing a pattern guys, show jet some love?))
    • JB Font (slightly modified roboto so not much difference)
    • Removed notification toggle apk
    • Debranded lockscreen (thanks Pattf)
    • New kernel (thanks Downthemachine (paves the way for tweaks later))
    • New splash screen (between green android and boot animation, used to just be green android)

    Version III
    • Removed xperia launcher (replaced with holo launcher)
    • Removed elegant theme
    • Updated all apps (boat, play, notification toggle, quickpic)
    • Re-themed battery, signal, wifi, USB Connected screen
    • Re-themed Phone/Contacts
    • Added DSP Manager (Recommend setting to acoustic for better sound)

    Version II
    • Fixed root explorer issue
    • Fixed cwm data restore issue
    • Removed/replaced more bloatware (see below)
    • Added Notification barr app
    • Added Phandroid app
    • Updated all apps to latest versions
    • init.d support added
    • loopy smoothness
    • auto zipalign
    • Removed stock sounds (replaced with Galaxy Nexus ICS sounds)
    • Themed Icons/Launcher (from home screen, hit menu button/preferences/Appearance/Icon Pack/ADW Elegant, also recommend 5 rows in app drawer since we have a big screen
    • Theming Tweaks

    Version I
    • B08c based ROM
    • Power Menu (this took me HOURS, thanks Shinru for your work on this in B08)
    • Deodexed (thanks Dirtyredz for pointing me in the right direction)
    • Zipaligned
    • Root (thank you Snake/Woodstock)
    • CWM (thank you Quietstorm, Woodstock, Hroark)
    • JBird's data fix for CWM (thank you Jbird)
    • CRT off effect (thank you Chevalon360)
    • Black/White theme
    • Removed crapware(aka bloatware, see below for removed apps)
    • Changed boot animation
    • Removed boot sound
    • Changed font to ICS font (Roboto)

    Removed Apps
    Gallery (replaced with Quickpic)
    ES file explorer (replaced with MI file explorer)
    Keyboards (replaced with ICS keyboard)
    Text editor
    Browser (and Miren) (replaced with Boat browser)
    Music (replaced with MIUI Music)
    Contacts/Dialer (replaced with ICS version, thanks Jetx2x!)
    Android live wallpapers
    Camera (replaced with MIUI Camera)
    Documents to go
    Email (Gmail still in place)
    Global time
    Home screen tips
    Launcher (replaced with Holo)
    Live wallpaper picker
    Magic smoke wallpaper
    Mobile ID
    Mobile zone
    Music visualization wallpapers
    My files (replaced with MIUI File Explorer)
    News & weather
    Sound recorder
    Sprint installer
    Sprint permissions
    Street view
    Task manager
  3. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    Optional Downloads:

    Alternate Themes*:

    SystemUI.apk for themers, (n00bVII SystemUI.apk causes an error on UOT Kitchen) Normal users are not effected, this is just a fix so you can use UOT Kitchen to theme the files if needed. I will include this fix in the next version of n00b.

    *note, I did not create these and do not support them or keep them updated, contact the thread authors for updates/support for the themes

    Troubleshooting Steps:

    I know you other ROMmers THEMErs MODders and general NEWbies know what I am talking about, when you flash stuff on your phone a lot and put all sorts of test stuff on the sd card, once in a while you just hose up everything.

    Classic symptoms of a hosed up system are toggles not sticking, mms not working, buttons not lighting up, etc. (in my case toggles, search and home buttons not working)

    Steps to do a Clean Install to fix/troubleshoot (clean install):

    • clear SD card except what you are flashing, delete all folders/files
    • wipe data/factory reset
    • reflash ROM, reboot
    • reflash update(s) (if applicable), reboot
    • update prl and profile in settings menu, reboot
    • at this point it's ok to log into your google account and update system apps, but don't install anything new until after the next step
    • test everything (if issues now, it's software or hardware, likely hardware if problem is unique to you)

    AFTER making sure everything works:

    • add/remove user apps/data
    • reflash/install your personal bloatware, reboot
    • if new problem appears, it's your fault and your problem LOL

    This process takes me about half an hour, I do it all the time. I don't use titanium to restore anything and don't restore data, used carefully titanium restores can save some time or bring back data you don't want to loose, but used improperly you can restore issues/conflicts very easily and again you are on your own as far as troubleshooting help goes at that point.

    The beginnings of n00b ROM (deconstructed in sequential steps)
    For anyone who wants to get into making their own ROM, here are some of the initial steps I took to make this ROM (see posts above for credits to those I learned from, stole from etc):

    1. First I took the stock B08c and Deodexed, zipaligned, updated apks, removed boot sound (cwm flashable): http://db.tt/U3JcfZgL
    2. Second I added crt and power menu to the framework-res.apk, framework.jar and android.policy.jar files (cwm flashable (flash after step 1)): http://db.tt/fEQc9EtH
    3. Next I used titanium to incorporate any updated system apps into the ROM, added replacement apps like the miui camera, experia home launcher and miren browser etc and made them system apps.
    4. Next I themed the framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk in the UOT kitchen and manually added the signal bar icons (created by me in photoshop) and default wallpaper to the systemui.apk and corrected the boot animation folder issue in the UOT zip (flashable zip): http://db.tt/jBkf1D66
    5. After that I was comfortable with the file system and kind of stepped into development level edits, I can't put that in writing, but if you start small you will get there too, Enjoy!

    Tutorials/resources (please refer and read the guides on the links and google, if you have questions PM me and I will do my best to answer):

  4. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    I want in on the action BOBO, n0ve/bobo combo team man....too bad my warp is out being repaired at the moment tho..
  5. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

  6. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Nice rom downloading it right to try it out....nice work for what i see in the screenshots. ;)
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  7. mholloway

    mholloway Well-Known Member

    Looks good, I will try it out Mr. Bobo
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  8. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Smooth. I like it.
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  9. dirtyredz

    dirtyredz Well-Known Member

    Looks good, definitely a fan of the black & white look. I'll give it a go for sure.
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  10. galaxyesm

    galaxyesm Well-Known Member

    Might be dumb question...what does flashable mean? >.<
  11. mholloway

    mholloway Well-Known Member

    After download of this zip file you go into cwm choose install zip from sd card, that's a flashable zip. A nandroid you would have to unzip, move contents to cwm backup to install.
  12. galaxyesm

    galaxyesm Well-Known Member

    Thanks c:
  13. galaxyesm

    galaxyesm Well-Known Member

    Its good ROM lol. Likee it. :)
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  14. mholloway

    mholloway Well-Known Member

    I like everything about this rom, good job Mr Bobo. Looking forward to the tweaks.
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  15. nosaj94

    nosaj94 Well-Known Member

    awesome job with this i love it been running it since you posted the link yesterday and i've encountered zero problems so far *highfive* :)
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  16. alumdixon

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    I like shins rom but this has a working bluetooth which i need. Looks great.
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  17. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    You sir have done a fine job on this rom, and thank you for the credits :) If you need anything just shoot me a PM. I'm actually very friendly lol
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  18. atlharp

    atlharp Well-Known Member

    Great work. So far this has been one of the best ROM's I have used on the Warp. Stable, smooth, and easy to modify. Also thanks for leaving Voice Dialer on there. :)

    One suggestion- I would add the app SD Booster to the ROM. I pulled up your SD cache at 128k and opened it up to 2048k and the difference was night and day. :smokingsomb:
  19. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    I will have to look into that, good tip
  20. atlharp

    atlharp Well-Known Member


  21. pyromayniyak

    pyromayniyak Member

    Love the rom, especially the extended power menu, but I have one big issue. Titanium Backup always locks up when I try to restore a single app. It batches fine but not all of my apps install so I need to do a few manually. I've tried redownloading the TB, wiping cache and dalvik cache, fix permissions and zipaligning but no change . Any suggestions?

    Also, I know you said it took a while to get your extended power menu working but would it be possible for you to have it say "rebooting" when you pick the reboot option, rebooting to recovery when you reboot to recovery and so on instead of powering off?
  22. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    It could be possible but i have never seen that been done before. I have ran numerous of ROM before including CTMOD,MIUI,CM7/9 etc but i have never seen it been done before even in thoses ROM.
  23. MartyMar

    MartyMar Well-Known Member

    Damit! I have to re install my apps.

    Tanks though ^_^. This is my first time using a rom.
  24. xxxcool21

    xxxcool21 Member

    great work for a noob rom ;) love it 24hours no glitches... titanium backup worked fine for me thanks mr bobo.
  25. mholloway

    mholloway Well-Known Member

    I've added int d support loopysmoothness. V6 SuperCharger trying to get more.

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