[Boost Mobile] [ROM] n00b (B10 based) VIII.II FULL Install 1/23/2013

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  1. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    Im having a issue with wireless and it doesnt happen all the time, but anytime I connect to wireless and then i leave the wireless range, for some reason i lose my network connection and have to reboot to get my network back, anybody have any ideas......

  2. Megamang

    Megamang Member

    This bug i get on shins but not on noobs. I ended up going back to shins rom, battery life for me outweigh all the little bugs.
  3. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    Flashed this rom on my wife's phone last night. Everything went smoothly. She has had the phone since last November and has been complaining about lockups. I have been reluctant to root and rom her phone because she needs it daily for work. I shouldn't have waited so long. As I said the process went extremely smooth. Thanks for all of your efforts.
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  4. Mcboots

    Mcboots Well-Known Member

    Yea I got the same problem with wireless and 3g. Maybe it has to do with adding the thing that takes away loopysmoothness.
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  5. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    Ok I will give that a try, thanks......;)

    Well beginning to think its my phone, I just put another rom on it, made a call with the wifi on and 3g, got done with the call and then nothing lol.... Had to reboot to get the network back.....:(
  6. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have network trouble too. Ever since the beginning. This tip works for me though, I just turn on airplane mode, then turn it off. Lot's faster than a reboot, and it works for me. Try it and see, hopefully you will get the same results. I think its either the warp itself or the network.
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  7. Smoothkaos

    Smoothkaos Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's tied to the kernel? Since both Roms may have that alone in common
  8. hopedpocketts

    hopedpocketts Well-Known Member

    My sister factory reset her phone. And now she gets no 3g and mop error code is 67 I've Google. To no avail. Ne 1 else experience this
  9. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    Thanks I will give that try...........:D
  10. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    I am on version V.

    I have read a couple of posts where people could not get their gps check box to stay on. I was having the same problem. I would check the "use gps satellites" box and then go to navigation where the navigation app would tell me that GPS is disabled. Sure enough when I went back to the gps screen the box was unchecked. Repeated this several times with the same results.

    My fix was to enable (i.e. check the gps box) and then power off the phone. On power up the gps was turned on and I could use navigation.

    I have tried to duplicate the original problem but so far my gps is behaving the way it should.

    On another note, I have also experienced the wifi issue where if you lose wifi because of going out of range it wont automatically reconnect when I return to being "in range".
  11. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    I havent had the gps issue at all and the wifi issue seems to be the phone or the network(happens on 3 different roms) and it doesnt happen all the time and only if I hang up from a call or walk out of range of the wifi, not a big deal at all for me as i only use it at home and usually when im downloading apps lol, everything else is fantastic with this rom........:D
  12. wilm804xx

    wilm804xx Disabled

    I tried this from and it was to buggy. Went back to shins smooth rom
  13. WinglessAngel

    WinglessAngel Active Member

    Flashed this rom to check it out, and I must say its quite user/noob friendly, if you were going for that....Well then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
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  14. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Idk wilm , I don't see how you think n00b is buggy bc I was a long time shinjitsu user. We all seem to have came to noob because it's an awesome rom and has support. Beta 3 is full of bugs and you can't read important things in the slightest light. He's too busy to fix any of the bugs
  15. Megamang

    Megamang Member

    Looks like the bugs are random on each phone. Some of the bugs that some users have experienced on noobs i get on shin's. Would have loved to stay on noobs since i experience none except the battery drain issue. I work mostly outdoors so kinda of a pain to find a place to charge my phone. Also forgot to mention that the phone gets really hot when on for more then 30 seconds using noobs, any help will be appreciated.
  16. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I can't say I've ever heard of either of those issues specific to any rom. I think but not sure , that battery drain , and voltage regulation is controlled by the kernel. I have a 3800 mah battery. I haven't noticed any difference
  17. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    I can't say why some of you have battery drain or sticky toggle issues, if you want my help, I need you to back everything up to a computer and format your sd card then factory data reset incwm re flash the ROM, flash the loopy smoothness zip to remove that and then with a clean install with no apps added or files on the sd card tell me of the issues persist. We can go from that point to see if it's really the ROM. I realize that takes some work but I can't troubleshoot the issue without a pristine starting point
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  18. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    I havent experienced that at all on mine, has actually been the opposite, very good on the battery.....:D
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  19. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    Personally I have found the phone has virtually no battery drain while on standby, way better than stock
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  20. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

  21. Tigatron

    Tigatron Well-Known Member

    That's no kidding.

    I had my battery drain fast at first but I wiped everything including SD card then when I got battery back to 100% I rest battery stats in cwm.
    been running quite well sense.
    I did however notice the battery will drain like mad on standby if something is leaching 3G. For example I was trying out alarm apps and found that more than one were trying to use the 3G continually from install to uninstall. I've had other apps do this too even if they don't have visable adds or any reason to need internet.
  22. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    Still running smooth for me, no battery drain, no lags, no bugs. :)
  23. Megamang

    Megamang Member

    Cool i will try this and keep you posted.
  24. xman95

    xman95 Well-Known Member

    I just installed the NoobV Rom today. I noticed the following are not working for me:

    1) The buttons no longer light up (Home, Menu, Back, Search). It only flashes once shortly before booting up. And I am almost certain it was working when I first flashed the ROM.
    2) I can't seem to send MMS messages. I've tried several and they are all stuck at sending. No matter the size or persons I'm sending to.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Hopefully, someone is familiar with these issues.

  25. bob-st

    bob-st Well-Known Member

    I'm not bitchin' :) just documenting what I've experienced:

    As noted in post #760 above I have experienced the the gps check box un-checking by itself and I've also seen the wifi not automatically reconnect (this is my first rom on the warp but have had the phone on stock for about 10 months and never had this problem so I don't think it is hardware or network related).

    The latest problem is after several successful phone calls suddenly the calling party could not hear me until I turner the speaker (i.e. hands-free) on. I did a power-off-on and now the phone is working normally again.

    One problem that I haven't seen documented is that the incoming phone volume is lower than stock. I installed volume+ app from the market and the volume is better.

    Mr Bobo, this is my first rom on the warp but I have flashed several roms on my other phones (a vm triumph and a vm intercept). I flashed the rom (from stock) via cwm after a factory reset and also wiped all of the caches. Also flashed the loopy smoothness zip. I will format the sd card and the other steps requested and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for your efforts. Even with the stuff I have documented this rom is much better than stock. :)

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