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  1. alumdixon

    alumdixon Active Member

    I had a boot loop brick and someone suggested updating through Handset software update tool from zte and it started downloading update packages. It downloaded the update and began applying the update. While updating, i guess the phone automatically shut off and stopped updating and now i cant seem to get into FTM mode anymore, it doesnt even show the android logo anymore, it just sits there in darkness with a red led. I tried ZTE Warp Recovery Installer V2 and it didnt detect the device even though windows has detected it as ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU)
    I tried just plugging it in without a battery, resetting and hold down the power and vol - with the battery. I cant seem to do nothing with it now.
    It does absolutely nothing but sits there with a red led and dark screen.
    P.S. of course I dont have a home phone so I used my cellphone number for my job application and then omg lol. Need help asap.

    [Edit] Also I was rooted but never installed cwm
    [Edit2] I guess you can call it hard bricked. Goal is for me to get back to FTM Mode, in other words, I need to somehow get stock recovery to work on a phone that does nothing and gives me a COM port.
    [Edit3] I suppose that my phone is in "download" mode if that means anything.
    [Edit4] Man I do alot of edits, anyways when I use the ZTE Warp Recovery Installer V2, i get < waiting for device >

    Edit: Went ahead and got my phone replaced a while back. Forgot to edit this.

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  2. tookah

    tookah Well-Known Member

    Try with the little button on the side of the camera....

    You need to take off the backplate....
  3. PhoneMan93

    PhoneMan93 Well-Known Member

    This is what he is talking about.
    Force Reboot Button
  4. alumdixon

    alumdixon Active Member

    Yeah i tried that many times but still remains.

    If i can just install stock recovery, then i will have a better chance.
  5. tookah

    tookah Well-Known Member

    You said you can't see the green android? Right

    My phone once was in boot loop because of a wrong theme

    But I got the green guy and could see it, enter in bootloader mode to install cwm


    follow the steps on how to install CWM when the phone is starting up, so you can boot in cwm

  6. alumdixon

    alumdixon Active Member

    Yeah, no green android logo. i cant even go on stock recovery mode or FTM mode. Ill have to wait for woodstock77 to say something about it, i think hes the only one that may know a way.
  7. tukhiem

    tukhiem New Member

  8. aaanadie

    aaanadie Well-Known Member

    Unplug battery, wait a few secs, plug battery, power on
    if doesn't work try it again but pressing sound down or sound up
  9. Corlygunnz

    Corlygunnz Well-Known Member

    Did you install the pdanet for Android driver?

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  10. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    ^^Download pdanet driver, follow instructions to install cwm, but even before installing, after u got the drivers, just try a adbfastboot/reboot. I had a similar issue and that fixed it for me.
  11. misfito

    misfito New Member

    how did you solve your issues? I have a similar problem and don't know what to do...
  12. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

  13. felix_the_cat

    felix_the_cat Member

    I have this device in this situation, can't get into FTM Mode, only into DFU Mode, is posssible to unbrick it?

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