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[Boost Mobile] Warp Cream Sandwich Rom [Discontinued]

Should this rom move away from Ice Cream Sandwich and Towards Jelly Bean?

  1. Yes

    146 vote(s)
  2. No

    28 vote(s)

Last Updated:

  1. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    Woooohhhh!!! Just finished partially theming and modding the settings menu...




    As you can see I have rearranged the settings menu and divided everything into categories... there are also wifi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode toggles on the main page now.... however for now they are just for show... I have to do some smali editing to get them working properly... and I have also switched most of the icons out for their ics counterparts... I still have more to do but this is to show you guys the progress that I'm making... well... I'm off to bed... again... cant really sleep tonight... I feel excited for some reason

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  2. HawgHunter

    HawgHunter Well-Known Member

    LOOKING GOOD!!!!! I really like what you've done. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.
  3. prmax

    prmax Well-Known Member

    :thumbup: Nice...
  4. mknhpowr

    mknhpowr New Member

    Great work. Been using for acouple days. Love it.
  5. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    Here goes the themed power widget....


    I stole the icons for it directly from the real ics version

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  6. randjav15

    randjav15 Well-Known Member

    I'll test for you once you make it a flashable zip.
  7. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Awsome work as always cant wait for it to come out.
  8. johnvansavage

    johnvansavage Well-Known Member

    will this latest release coming up, fix the issue with the kernel not letting the system settings stick?
  9. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm still in the process of finding out what the problem is... but as soon as I find it I will release a fix

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  10. Timmay0106

    Timmay0106 Member

    I have had a problem getting my TouchPal Keyboard to stick. I choose it while in messaging and it just stays with Swype Beta..., I go to the TouchPal app in my programs and the option to select it is grayed out..., I've tried selecting the keyboard in messaging then rebooting to see if it would stick but it doesn't. Has anyone else had this issue? What did you do to fix this??
  11. HawgHunter

    HawgHunter Well-Known Member

    SOLUTION FOUND: It seems this helps most keyboard selection problems..disable WiFi, choose the keyboard, enable wifi, and restart phone.

    This happened to me on an earlier version. I don't know if it will help you but here's the post on it. To summarize it: only one extra keyboard was allowed. I don't know if that is still the case or not.

    Originally Posted by HawgHunter [​IMG]
    I don't know if it will help you in the investigation of the Swype keyboard but I tried to install the Go Keyboard that I've used before on the Warp, Galaxy Prevail, and an HTC Incredible. With the Go Keyboard I can't even get the check box to stick in the Settings->Lang & Keyboard section. Also, the Go Keyboard doesn't even show in the input select popup when you long press an input field. I hope some of this might help provide insight into the cause of the trouble with the Swype keyboard.

    Again, thank you for the help.

    EDIT: After restarting the phone the Go Keyboard was checked in the Settings->Lang & Keyboard section and it showed in the input select popup box but the Swype keyboard did not. It appears that only one other keyboard can be listed in the input select box. I hope this info is helpful."

    EDIT: SOLUTION FOUND: It seems this helps most keyboard selection problems..disable WiFi, choose the keyboard, enable wifi, and restart phone.
  12. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Had a ??? Is there anyway to increase the volumen with yhis rom.... The reason I ask is because I was recording a video and the playback sound is very poor couldnt bearly hear anything....any help....
  13. HawgHunter

    HawgHunter Well-Known Member

    I am using the app called Volume+ and get reasonable results when I set it at 10 or 12. Step up the volume in small increments starting at 5 or less to make sure you don't harm your phone. Volume+ is the only app I've found that works. I'd love to hear about any others folks might have used.

    I hope this tidbit of info helps. :)
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  14. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    OK guys... 1.6 is officially going to be delayed.... if you wanna know why its because we are having home insurance issues and are going to have an inspection in a few days... and the house is pretty much in shambles... so now I'm stuck painting, fixing drywall, and doing electrical work (fixing outlets, light fixtures, etc)...

    Sent from my N860 using Tapatalk 2 Beta-5
  15. Timmay0106

    Timmay0106 Member

    This didn't help :-( I can't even select another keyboard when the option comes up for select input method. I'm afraid to uninstall the Swype beta afraid I may break something... is there anything else I can try?
  16. HawgHunter

    HawgHunter Well-Known Member

    Try turning wifi off and see if you can select the keyboard. Then you can re-enable wifi.
  17. HawgHunter

    HawgHunter Well-Known Member

    I hope things go well with the repairs you are making. It's tough work in hot weather. I don't know if you know it or not or even care but your PM box is full. Good luck with the repairs and inspection. :)
  18. jtcanales

    jtcanales Well-Known Member

    Same thing here first thing is first we'll wait dont worry good luck with the repairs..:)
  19. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Just curious if anyone else has run into this problem...I have previously had the Unitology and Shinjitsu ROMS on my Warp and did not run into this before...After installing B08c and then installing the Noob and WCS ROMS I am having an issue when I try to swipe on my screen to the right, it doesn't respond or it launches my app drawer as if I did a double tap. Also when I press down on a blank spot on the screen instead of the usual menu to add a shortcut or widget it bounces between my various home screen pages. It is doing this with HOLO and Xperia
  20. HaydenM

    HaydenM Well-Known Member

    Nevermind...I'm thinking it may be a hardware issue. I have had the phone completely apart after destroying the antenna port near the bottom of the battery.
  21. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    IM BACK!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    I have decided to postpone V1.6 and instead release a minor update aka V1.5B... it will have everything that was supposed to be included in 1.6 except for the new UI... it has: the new settings menu, ics style progress bar, increased volume steps, disabled scrolling cache, live wallpapers, jellybean/ics notification sounds, and a possible fix for the wifi issues, and the new beats audio drivers

    Sent from my N860 using Tapatalk 2 Beta-5
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  22. cartersball

    cartersball Well-Known Member

    Sounds great!! Just an FYI the new beats drivers cause issues with DSP manager or Volume+. I had to go away from them even though I liked them because I work in a loud environment and need the added boost to ringtone volume.
  23. MartyMar

    MartyMar Well-Known Member

    Great rom bro, thanks. Only problem I have is that I can't get the ICS keyboard to stick -___-
  24. jetx2x

    jetx2x Well-Known Member Developer

    You have to disable wifi and then reboot to make it stick

    Sent from my N860 using Tapatalk 2 Beta-5
  25. HawgHunter

    HawgHunter Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you are back in the saddle again. I hope all is okay with repairs and the inspection was good. After a couple of days of physical labor in the heat of the south in the summer I bet you appreciate the talent you have with developing Android ROMs since it can keep you working indoors where the air conditioner is. Keep that in mind as you study to earn your college degrees.

    One things for sure, you have a really hot ROM here and I am looking forward to seeing what you've done. Thanks for the incremental update releases.
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