Boost/Virgin getting LTE

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  1. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    that seems to be the rumor for next year. but i see cricket has it so who knows. as for phones thats the way it goes another way to get our money
  3. MiguelAMX

    MiguelAMX Well-Known Member

    Meh, I'm switching to T-Mobile non the less, I just about had it with Boost's stupidly slow 3g speeds.
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  4. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    Good news, but of course it all depends on when you actually get it in your area. My town (Knoxville, TN) never got I'm not holding my breath for Sprint/Boost LTE service here. Fortunately, I do have good 3G.
  5. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    Don't blame you. TMo is good in my area so can't say I haven't thought about. Also, somebody has opened up a bunch of TMo stores around here recently.
  6. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The amusing part of this is that with everyone complaining about how unavailable WiMax coverage is it's footprint is actually larger than Sprints current LTE coverage.
  7. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    I live just outside of Wimax coverage but it looks like I would have LTE where I live ( south east of chicago) so this is good to hear. I'm considering switching to tmobile though. Too many outages around here lately.
  8. The informant

    The informant Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it's true. Guess I'll wait, was gonna buy the S2.
  9. rockdoctor1

    rockdoctor1 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Funny story....i was worried about being throttled by going over the 2.5g limit until i did a speed test and realized i am already less then 300k...How much more are they going to throttle me...are they going to pull the data the other direction... The interesting part...when i was with Sprint i got data downloads pushing 1-1.6mb over 3g from the same tower and to the same computer.
  10. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

  11. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

  12. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to see confirmation that LTE service won't cost more. Now I just need LTE in my town.

    This is in footnotes of the press release "Adaptive Protocol Video limited to 3G speeds of 600Kbps." What is Adaptive Protocol Video?
  13. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Looking forward for Sprint to bring LTE to more of the Chicago suburbs.
  14. lightsleeper23

    lightsleeper23 Well-Known Member

    It's too bad that the Boost Force will only have a 4.0 inch screen. If it had 4.5 I'd actually consider it. As it stands, I'm still going to have to go with the N4.
  15. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Boost Force looks like an Exhibit 4G only dual core and 1.5 ghz.
  16. cartersball

    cartersball Well-Known Member

    The Boost Force is actually the new ZTE model listed originally as the ZTE Force. Appears as though Boost is branding it as their own model. Maybe because the last two ZTE phones have fell to poor review by normal mobile customers. The original Warp and the Sequent were made ten times better than factory models after AF devs got a hold of them.
  17. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    Since I started with Warp's 4.3" screen, I feel the same way. Can't go to a smaller screen now. My wife's screen is 4.0" and I hate it.

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