Boost your internet speed (2g to 3g) simple Tweak

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  1. amritk86

    amritk86 Active Member

    I came across these things when I googled for increasing 3G speeds.

    This can benefit you of getting 3g speeds on 2g, like me.just you need to switch to 'wcdma only' mode.

    Follow ahead :

    1) download this software called 3g/4g speed optimizer from market

    (moderator redacted links -- OP must provide links to official Play Store / Market sources)

    2) Download this script manager

    (moderator redacted links -- OP must provide links to official Play Store / Market sources)

    3) Download the 3G turbcharger script by zeppelinrox

    3G turbocharger script

    NOTE: you might want to compare the speed differences after and then of this tweak. If you, then download the NQ mobile security app from here

    (moderator redacted links -- OP must provide links to official Play Store / Market sources)

    and it should give you a small network meter which shows current network speed. download it, start it, and then download something from the play store to see how much speed you are getting. Its going to get increased soon anyway.

    Now Follow ahead

    Start 3g/4g speed optimizer

    -choose network speed as 12/28/7-max speed
    -check on down speed increase
    -now click on apply tweak.


    Now open script manager

    -browse to the downloaded 3g turbocharger text file
    -check on superuser icon(N00BS: the android skeleton icon)
    -click on run. script will load. wait till it asks to make a selection...
    -scroll up and see what setting you need. fast, faster or fastest. I would recommend fastest. enter the option number.
    -again enter the option to reboot.

    thats it!
    After reboot, your 3G speeds should be increased

    To check your speeds, again download something from play store, something bigger than 2-3 megabytes would be preferable as it lets you see how far the speeds can get.

    NOTE 2: this may not work for everyone, if it doesn't for you, dont blame me, you probably are already getting the max speed from your network operator.
    Also I would again like to mention that indian users will be mostly benefited with this tweak. Enjoy, and dont forget to press the "THANKS" button if it works for you.

    Thanx Friends...

  2. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    Links are not working
  3. amritk86

    amritk86 Active Member

    all links are working............
  4. u4g

    u4g New Member

    does this requires rooted phone?
    I have maxx ax5. I want to do d same thing to my phone.
  5. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Internet speeds are dependent on the ISPs also , the responsiveness depends on DNS

    I think this may be a attempt to may be hit around the bush !
    If it really did some tweaks, Try app from the Play Store for checking the real difference
  6. viki201291

    viki201291 New Member

    HEY bro links are not working :(
  7. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Apparently yes, so I have moved this thread to the all-things-root area.

    I have just removed the majority of the links above so that the OP may post the official links to their Play Store locations.

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