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Boot Animation Audio on Droid X?

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  1. cullenisprime

    cullenisprime Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 3, 2010
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    I am working on a boot animation for the Droid X that features a clip from the 1986 animated movie of Optimus Prime blasting some Decepticons before his battle with Megatron.

    Just have to fix a few things before I release it for download. I am trying to add audio but am having a problem. I load the audio file into the /data/local/ folder (as an mp3 file) but it doesnt seem to play. Can anyone help? Here is a video of the boot animation:

    YouTube - Droid X Transformers Boot Animation(Optimus Prime)

    I have tried everything. renamed the file boot.mp3, converted it to a .ogg file. I even went to the /system/media/ audio/ foler and placed the files there.

    i also created a directory within the above path of "bootscreen" and still nothing

    i think its a really cool boot animation and i just need to add sound. someone please help!!!!!


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