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Boot Animation for Batman Fans:

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  1. es0tericcha0s

    es0tericcha0s Well-Known Member

    So here is my latest and greatest creation. It's from the first cut scene of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The preview gif is embarrassing bad, but I'm too lazy to find a better hosting site, so Gifsoup.com it is. lol

    [​IMG] GIFSoup

    So, the real animation looks mostly like this, with a few exceptions. Mine has a few more frames in the beginning, cuts out a bit of the Arkham Asylum road sign scene, adds in some more of the Batmobile coming at you, then the ending that loops is a scene of the Bat symbol shining through the rain and fog. You can download here:

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    Enjoy [​IMG]

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  2. klikmaus

    klikmaus Member

    Thanks-- that's a cool clip. I've been ripping GIFs online and making boot animations out of those. I'm probably going to start a new thread dedicated to custom boot animations-- they're easy, add a whole new level of personality to your phone, and the easiest way to really make your phone stand out.
  3. es0tericcha0s

    es0tericcha0s Well-Known Member

    Thanks man. Yea, I like doing them, and now that I have done a few, they are getting pretty easy. I've also made a Super Mario one from a Galaxy 2 trailer where he is flying through space, and a Wall-e movie clip one. I've found it's a good thing to show the people unfamiliar with what newer phones can do as well. Here's a link to a lot of stuff about the boot animations:

    Custom Boot Animation Gallery {No root Needed} - xda-developers
  4. jr0065

    jr0065 Well-Known Member

    Love the batman scene ... If I'm rooted can I just copy the image into the appropriate folder using root explorer?
  5. Sev

    Sev Well-Known Member

    I love Arkham Asylum, one of the greatest Super Hero games I have ever played, thanks for this!
  6. es0tericcha0s

    es0tericcha0s Well-Known Member

    Yep. That's how I always do it. Any chance you could actually send me a copy of this if you have it already? I've been thinking of polishing this up and using it as a LWP. I'm too cheap to pay rapidshare to redownload my own file though. I dunno why it won't let me, but whatever. Thanks!

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