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    In a little bit later today I will posting instructions with pics & also a YouTube video on how to make your own boot animation. Once you know how to do this, the only limit to your boot animations is your imagination. If you are interested in this there are some FREE programs you might want to go ahead and get to be ready. You need FastStone Photo Resizer. Now I just found a better place to get this. I got the first time from CNET & that puts a different toolbar & bunch of other junk on your computer, which of course after your program is installed you can delete, but we have enough of that to do with some of the others. So just Google download FastStone photo Resizer & you can get it wherever you want, I suggest the 5th one down, Freeware Files. Now let me make it clear, none of the software I am telling you to get is pirated software, we aren't stealing it. It's all open source free software. I'm telling you the names & you are big boys & girls & are familiar with my pal Google, so should have no problems finding these. You need Notepad++, which I bet a lot of you already have. We need this to write our desc.txt file.
    Then you need a wonderful program because it has 2 programs we need here but it has several you might just want to have. It's Free Studio & google download freestudio. Choose the first one that says, Free Studio - DVDVideoSoft, this is the only one I've found that has the latest version. The ones that even say they have the latest version don't. They have vs If you go where I told you when you click on it you will see a box with a bunch of icons coming out of it. You will see where it says Download now & it's vs This is what you want. Once you install it it will look just like the pic on the left of the download link. The icon in the bottom left that says photos & images, click on it & click on the one that says free video to jpg converter, we need this. There might be some more in here you want for personal use. Then the red icon right above it that says YouTube, click that one & get your free YouTube downloader out of it. Now these will put extra junk on your computer, after you get everything you want just go & uninstall the extra crap. Oh & on Freestudio none of mobile phone stuff is our phone, so don't bother. Not on the mobile phone & not on the LG phones. It lists specific phones & ours isn't one of them. I've installed other things from there though, they have quite the selection.
    Since this is going to be my guide, I hope I do y'all proud.

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    Sweet! Let's do this!
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    yeah, I will have it up tomorrow. While messing with one video, I'm not sure what I did, (more often than not, when you have a problem, it's in your desc.txt file) anyway, when I went to play it, for whatever reason, it was just a bunch of flashing strobing lights, instead of the video I downloaded. Which set off a seizure and that knocked me out for most of the afternoon. I'm trying to show you examples of when you want to remove pics from the video, like credits or names. I haven't found enough of any pictures that aren't in a video to make one of just pictures. However, I can get other boot animations and show you how to make them to fit our phone. Or like I said, if you know of any you want to combine, you can do that too.

    So here's to hoping that tomorrow is a better day!!

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    Ok, I'm seriously going to try and get this done today. I ended up with a nasty abrasion on my left eye and couldn't see out of it for almost a week. Plus it hurt like stink. They put a special "bandage contact" in it, but it wasn't the right strength and then I really couldn't see out of it. Then I was sick a few days with chemo. I'm finally getting back on feet and hope to get this done today. I just have to create a group page for my huge family on facebook first. That shouldn't take long, I just have to make a cover grandparents in the middle and their 11 kids at different ages around it. Set up the admins and send the invites. Then I'm done with that and can make my video guide for how to make your own boot animations. :D

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    Okay, on Friday I was getting everything ready to make my video tutorial. I bookmarked all my download sites, cleaned off my desktop except for those programs we needed, went and got my screen video program, (i didn't have that) the only problem was, I still couldn't put in my contacts and was having a hard time seeing my screen. I thought, I will wait a few more days. I take a lot of medication at night that just zonks me out. i fell asleep friday night before I meant to and left a candle burning. I woke up yesterday morning to my room being on fire. my cats and i made it out safely, my computer, well, it looks melted and charred and stinks but it does turn on and it does work. the charger burned and the screen has a couple dark spots on it so it's not ideal for me to make my first video tutorial that i would want to be perfect. however, i will start another thread and walk you through step by step and will be more than happy to answer any all questions.

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    Sucks to hear that, Anna. :(
    Glad you got out safely along with your cats. :)
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    Thanks sweetie, it's just been a crappy year, but at least we are okay, I have some 1st degree burns which are just like a really really bad sunburn, the rest is material. You are really sweet to respond, it means a lot to me.


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