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Boot-loader issue

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  1. dlahmeyer

    dlahmeyer Member

    Alright I will try to recap what ive done today. I Was rooted with s-off via the thunderbolt tool and had the new ICS rom installed and running fine. But I decided to sell it so I used the thunderbolt tool to unroot and return to stock.

    All was going well then in the boot-loader the update failed and i got stuck with boot-loader locked security warning, which would not let me do anything, was stuck in the boot-loader.

    After some searching I found a link to unlock the boot-loader via htcdev to fix the security warning and allowed me to finally boot back into the rom but the phone kept shutting down after it booted up past the thunderbolt screen. So after searching I found this link http://www.thunderboltforums.com/for...y-warning.html and used the 2nd method to fix it since I still have a custom recovery on the phone.

    Now my problem is I am once again trying to get s-off through the thunderbolt tool like it says in the guide but every time I use the tool it says Starting up... and does nothing. Bascially im now stuck with s-on and an unlocked boot-loader.

    oh I also tried to relock the bootloader but it just gives me a security warning again and I am stuck in the bootloader

  2. dlahmeyer

    dlahmeyer Member

    Alright never-mind I just used the Revolutionary 0.4 program and gained "revolutionary" in the pink field and s-off so im good there again. The thunderbolt tool is still stuck at "starting up"..., is there another way to get the tbolt back to stock condition?

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