Boot loop and unable to select options in CWM

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  1. cheap weenie

    cheap weenie New Member

    I flashed VillainROM 3.0, and got stuck in a boot loop. I entered CWM recovery mode, but I am unable to select any options. I can scroll through the options with the volume keys, but pressing Home, which should select it, just makes the text flash and moves the cursor back up to the top entry. So, I'm stuck with no way to restore! :eek:

  2. geomax45

    geomax45 Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can think of is to go to XDA-developers and beg for assistance!

    There are some truly helpful souls over there.
  3. cheap weenie

    cheap weenie New Member

    Somehow it sorted itself out. After rebooting and entering recovery mode a dozen times, trying to re-flash from my computer, etc, I gave recovery one more shot and the text was now green instead of orange, and I could select. Got it all restored no problem....very strange.

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