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    Hello -

    I am new to Android and to Smart Phones, I always used a basic phone.
    Recently I bought a Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300, a cheaper model to test out Android and familiarize myself with it. And I love it.

    However, I have run into my first problem with Android. And really hoping for some help...

    I am using Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300 with Android 2.3.6, the phone is NOT rooted.

    I tried uninstalling some unused apps on my phone and one of them was Amazon Kindle app. All the apps I uninstalled said uninstall was successful except the Kindle app which said uninstall was not successful. I have strong hunch that its the culprit.

    I rebooted my phone (I often lose my 3G connection if I let it sit without using for a while and the only way to get it back is to reboot the phone) and when I rebooted (after uninstalling the Kindle app), I got stuck in a boot loop, the phone starts vibrating short vibrations and goes to a black screen at the point when it is reading the media from SD it boots up partially but not completely, then goes black screen and reboots itself but does not show the samsung logo, it simply goes black screen, comes back to desktop with no signal, gains signal and starts loading up icons and reading media again and then goes black screen again and the whole thing starts again.

    So what I did was I booted into Safe mode by turining off the phone, turning on, and tapping the menu button during boot up. It does NOT boot loop in safe mode. So I downloaded the kindle app from the market again in safe mode. And when I rebooted, there's no problem.

    But I don't want Kindle app on my phone anymore. So I uninstalled it again. And then.....the boot loop problem came back. So this app must really be the problem.

    So what can I do? Must I keep the Kindle app on my phone in order for it to work? That's stupid! I feel bullied by Amazon! I won't ever download anything from them again.

    If I boot in recovery and do a wipe/factory reset...won't the Amazon Kindle app automatically restore back to my phone with the other apps once I add my google account back to the phone? How do I prevent that specific app from restoring?

    I am about to give up and go back to using my basic Samsung 1080F phone, I never had a single problem with it.

  2. Stupified

    Stupified Member

    I ended up doing a factory reset/wipe and creating a new google account to use with my phone so it would not re-install the apps.

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