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Boot Loop To CWM

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  1. Nbgorman

    Nbgorman Well-Known Member

    Hello, I opened rom manager to update my recovery and i went into a recovery and then went to "reboot system now" and it just takes me back to recovery.

    THEN: when i do Power+volume up then volume down to cold boot linux my homescreen will not come up, just black screen however i can still open apps from my ICS clock bar on the bottom left... Any help would be appriciated

    DETAILS: I am running Revolver 4 with Recovery version

    :EDIT: My computer is also doing the BS no driver thing (says its installing driver, then says it cant because ther is none)

    :EDIT: Also when i reboot using cold boot linux and I factory Reset< i go through all of the steps to sign into a device then it says "setup wizard has failed" or something along those lines

  2. Ralkkai

    Ralkkai Well-Known Member

    I know the one click root program that installs the rogue recovery has a boot loop fix built into it. I had a similar situation where I tried flashing to the regular cwm recovery after having installed rogue and running a custom ROM. When I flashed over I boot looped and found out that the one click had that function. Worth a try but idk since your having issues recognizing drivers
  3. Nbgorman

    Nbgorman Well-Known Member

    It turned out I had first installed a touch recovery (which didn't work for tf101) and I had frogoten I had deleted my stock launcher (home) which is why I could not get home yet I could still access all apps

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