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  1. Zombiegal

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    Nov 1, 2012
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    OK so I have a Samsung Infuse 4g from Att and its not rooted and its running gingerbread. Last night i was reading the news shut the screen off with lock button and noticed a few minuets later when i returned to the room to finish reading the news i was reading..... it was in boot loop. Ok so i saw where the power button is possibly sticking.... they recommend smacking the phone on your hand power button at the bottom and it should pop it out... i did this .... it did not work. Right now as soon as i make a connection with the battery to the phone it shows Samsung and loops over and over.

    So what do I do? I cant afford a new phone right now

  2. Digital Controller

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    Sep 5, 2012
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    Is the power button still stuck down?

    Since, if i grasp what you are trying to explain, is as soon as you put the battery in, the device turns on and starts boot looping?

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