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    Hello guys & gals
    I thought: since someone made one for the EVO 4G, I could try to replicate one for the Samsung Galaxy Gio or any other phone that runs 320x480 display
    Installation Instructions
    *Backup files first! Or download the backup below (GIO files only).
    1. Start Root Explorer and navigate to /system/bin.
    2. Delete or rename samsungani.
    3. Rename bootanimation to samsungani.
    4. Copy the bootanimation.zip from your SD card to /system/media
    5. Copy poweron.ogg from your SD Card to /system/etc
    5. Reboot your phone. You should now see your new boot animation.

    Thanks to reversewalk for the video!
    system backup.zip

    To-Do List

    *Sound not in sync with boot
    Jan. 12. 2012 ~ Fixed compatibility with GIO (Now working)
    Jan. 12. 2012
    ~ Extended to full screen

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