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Booting into recovery mode

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  1. alexpatterson

    alexpatterson Member

    I was trying to root my Motorola Cliq and I've been having trouble booting into recovery mode. Can somebody please explain how to boot my cliq into recovery mode?

  2. TopShelf10

    TopShelf10 Well-Known Member

    make sure your phone is unplugged from any charger and turn it off comepletely. wait 10 seconds then press the power buttong while holding down the camera button. once the phone turns on release the power button, but do not release the camera button until it prompts (it will actually say "release camera button")....once you release camera button press the volume down key on the side of the phone. wait a few seconds and a screen with an exclamation mark should appear. once you see that, slide out your keyboard and press alt+L...then you will be in the recovery menu
  3. PapaMag

    PapaMag New Member

    This does not work for me

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