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  1. darkdaz

    darkdaz Active Member

    Hello everyone,
    long time no see
    how is everyone

    i recently did a lastest software update on my phone via the Sony PC Companion program, now i did keep my eye on the laptop. it downloaded the software update, and it told me after downloading. to basicly, turn phone off, remove battery for 5 secs, and then replace battery. and then while holding the centre button, insert usb cable, and then the update process started,

    after 5 mins, gave me a error, i wish i did screen now, and so it didnt fully update the phone i dont think. anyway.
    so i tired to reboot my phone after it told me too. i keep getting a error sign picture on my screen...

    i have left the battery out for 10 mins, and then tired again, but no luck..

    can anyone help me please

    i have looked right though the forums, and no one else has has the same problem i got... please help..

    i toke picture on the front of my phone while it wasnt booting. and i did the best i could, but i think u will no what i mean...

    it is attached to this topic

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  2. peterb23

    peterb23 Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen this error on my phone but have you tried the repair phone option in PC Companion?
  3. darkdaz

    darkdaz Active Member

    yea i did, but i have managed to get it sorted, i found a program were it restores the phone, by usb, while the phone is off, in flash mode, it restore it to the default and then i flash android 4 rom to the phone and now its working
  4. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Glad you resolved this, it is generally a major error in the loading of the firmware via the update that causes this. it can generally be resolved by reflashing the phone with the Update Service (not PC Companion).
  5. darkdaz

    darkdaz Active Member

  6. syahipul

    syahipul Member

    Use flashtool..u need original kernel for your phone..and put to firmware folder..and flash it..it working..
  7. jeevanstephen

    jeevanstephen New Member

    Hello all. Im new to this forum.
    Im not a tecnhnical guy. Can somebody point me to a place that has steps to flash?
    Looks like my xperia arc s is bricked. Tried to update to super jelly.:-(

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