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  1. inks

    inks New Member

    Hi there !

    well, im quite noob with this android stuff. some time ago i installed CM 2.2.1 on my optimus. but i found out that i liked the original LG android 2.1 Eclair more. but noob as i am i didn't do a back up.

    Now. i've tried everything, LG mobile update, KDZ software updater with different roms. but the result is always the same

    1)pushing power button Lg logo appears, then a lil animation, and Lg logo again, nothing happens any further


    2) pushing power button Lg logo appears, then comes the Android logo with animation, animates for a while, and starts all over again, the android animation.

    tried cmd. said waiting for device . nothing happened.

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!

  2. YouTu_01

    YouTu_01 Well-Known Member

    that's beacause, either you don't have a proper ROM installed, you're not using a proper kdz, a failed update, etc. try to reinstall CM6 or 7
  3. gazzz123

    gazzz123 Well-Known Member

    have u tried fastboot.exe -w ?

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