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  1. sabrinach1

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    So before even starting to sbf, my phone would not activate, a blue triangle would flash and at the activation call it would always say "You are not authorized to make calls to this number." After being on the phone with Verizon for an hour and troubleshooting ever possible way, they said the phone was no good because we were able to activate another phone on the same number, showing it wasn't the line. So since I didn't need to use the phone, I decided to try to SBF to .605 since I was able to get into bootloader. And so at the end, it said PASS on the computer but the phone looked like this
    NEMP_MAP Blank
    Service Req'd
    Battery OK
    OK to Program
    Transfer Mode:

    And it wont leave this screen no matter what! Whether I pull the battery, power it on or off, it just won't boot normally. I tried redoing the whole process for the screen to just get stuck at SW Update screen and when I opened RSD Lite it's like I never clicked start.(When I obviously did) But the phone still showed that it was still "Connected"

    So What can I do now??? Is there ANYTHING that can be done to just completely wipe/reset the phone at this point??

  2. sabrinach1

    sabrinach1 New Member

    In case anyone has this problem, follow this thread:
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