bootloop after flashing AOKP ICS ROM

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  1. sensational4g

    sensational4g Member

    I downloaded the AOKP ROM put it on root of SD, along with the GoogleApp zip. Went into recovery (revolutionary cwm) and wiped phone, installed update then installed Google apps zip and both said successful but after selecting reboot I see the new colored checkered boxes going in circle but then it freezes and reboots to white screen w/ green HTC letters and then to collpred boxes and reboots... so on and so on.
    My hboot screen is as follows
    Pyramid pvt ship s-off RL
    Hboot -1.17.1111

    Revolutionary CWM v4.0.1.4

    That's all I have unless reflash back to 2.3 which was my last back up.

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    does your backup restore just fine?

    from your radio,looks like you are still on t mobile GB stock firmware,wich prolly is why the ICS rom is not working. most ICS roms will have a recomendation for certain fimrware that you must flash as a PG58IMG file.

    if you provide a link for your rom,we can check into that a lil more.

    you can also go ahead and download this:

    its the firmware for your stock t mobile rom. if you do decide to flash new firmware and try some ics roms,youll need to flash the GB firmware before you can restore your GB backup.
  3. sensational4g

    sensational4g Member

    Install AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich on HTC Sensation

    This was where i got the rom, and yes the original restore flashed just fine. I sold the sensation and gotrhe Bionic from vzw. I flashed with revolutionary on thay sensation but other than that ive nevee flashed. All of these roms that say to download 5 things and flash them all confise me. I have flashed my old samsing fascinate with odin. But Htc flasging makes me nervous, seems like they are all different.
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    wow,that guide makes no mention of different firmware,and it looks like lots of folks had prollems,and there has been no support or help offered.

    if you check out the thread for creamy kang here: [ROM][Dev] .: :: Creamy Kang
  5. sensational4g

    sensational4g Member

    So i never flashed the firmware it sounds like. And that would keep it from loading? Ive always had problems with roms on any phone, i always rooted even if it was just 1click or The sensation was my first flash root!

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