Bootloops On Dell Streak 7" avery 5 seconds. Any fix ?General

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  1. chipis

    chipis Member

    Hello, I search every where but no luck
    I have a dell Streak 7" but some how it bootloops every 5 seconds
    and dont stop.

    Is there any how to stop this?
    I tried several things but still the same thing?

  2. grayman

    grayman Active Member

    Can you tell us what you've tried? My first suggestions would be using the reset and if that doesn't work, letting the battery discharge completely.

    How did the loop start?
  3. chipis

    chipis Member

    Well i tried the pin hole on the side of the sd card and did not stop, and i manage to enter safemode witch is i dont have any bootloops in that state of the tablet.
    But when i turn it off it restarts normal but in a few second it start turn in on and off so many times in the state that get frustrated.

    I dont know to stop this.
  4. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Is the phone rooted or stock?
  5. fa4han

    fa4han New Member

    disconnect your WiFi... stop unnecessary Processes/Applications, then use it
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  6. chipis

    chipis Member

    Thanks Bro but i got it it was a app making the tablet boots

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