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Bootstrap vs Safestrap

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  1. nyg010

    nyg010 Well-Known Member

    Hey just wondering why most people prefer safestrap over bootstrap (I'm deciding which one to use now). Isnt Safestrap basically just a layered partition over the primary system (like vmware virtualization for example)? Wouldnt Safestrap be generally slower for that reason?

  2. emburybrett

    emburybrett Well-Known Member

    I haven't used SafeStrap. I have been using BootStrap because it has ClockworkMod and i have always used that when flashing roms.
  3. inssane

    inssane Well-Known Member

    I used bootstrap.
    Some ICS roms don't play nice with safestrap from what I have read.
  4. pcriz

    pcriz Well-Known Member

    Its more like an actual partition where you either boot on say Partition 1 or 2. No layering in a virtual environment. .

    There is a Safe side and Unsafe side.

    On the unsafe side you keep your stock setup, of course rooted with Safestrap running.

    When you go to flash a new ROM you switch to the Safe side and flash away, if anything goes wrong you just return to Safestrap (which gives a ten second window after the splash screen where you can choose to enter safestrap or continue booting) and either wipe and reflash on the safe side or return to the Unsafe side (stock).

    Personally I rather use this over CWM mod since Im not actually affecting the stock system by flashing ROMs.

    TL;DR - Running a ROM through safestrap is not slower and it isnt a "virtue machine" type setup, also the three ICS ROMs I've tried (CM9 Kang, AOKP Kang, MIU) have worked fine aside from issues the ROMs themselves suffer from inherently.
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