Bose 3-2-1 control from Sony remote

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  1. oran0007

    oran0007 New Member

    My wife bought me the Sony Blu-Ray w/GoogleTV for Christmas. I was able to get the remote set up to control the tv and the DirectTV box (although I don't know how to turn it off), but the codes for Bose have not allowed me to change the volume on my 3-2-1 DVD receiver. Does anybody know a fix for this?

  2. oran0007

    oran0007 New Member

    It turns out that my 10 month old had pushed the receiver back into the entertainment center and the signal wasn't reaching it for some reason. However, when I push input, it changes to cd/dvd and won't change to anything else. Do I just have to deal with that? The other codes wouldn't control the volume so I won't be switching to one of those.

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