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Bose MIE2i mobile headset?Accessories

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  1. PureLoneWolf

    PureLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    There are two versions of these, one with Mic and call answer button which says it will work with anything and another set that are iPhone and iPod Touch compatible (volume, track skipping etc).

    Would the iPhone version work with Android? I use PowerAmp on my Desire and am looking for a strong set of headphones.


  2. pucklax7

    pucklax7 Member

    Did you find anything more about this yet?

    I bought the Mie2i...the middle button works for play/pause/skip(double press) within doubletwist. No dice with the skip/rewind button...I"ve been thinking about emailing developers, who knows though.
  3. PureLoneWolf

    PureLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Hi - Nope, not found anything else out...I keep meaning to go to the Bose shop and ask for a demonstration.

    Once I do that, I will post the response.
  4. AccuratePotato

    AccuratePotato New Member

    Same for me on my Nexus One. I'm OK with the inability to skip songs because a double tap does the trick. I will also email the developers :)
  5. reesejv10

    reesejv10 New Member

    I purchased my mie2i headphones prior to getting the thunderbolt, just to find out (so far) that the microphone feature on the headset is not compatible with any android phone. Has anyone had success with this?? -- Is this a software issue?

    The headphones can only pause the song...unfortunately nothing else. Double clicking on the center button only pauses, and then initiates redial (and the other person still can't hear me - but i can hear them loud and clear).
  6. g3minII

    g3minII New Member

    the mie2i or made to work with the apple products. they have not been designed to work with anything else but iphone, ipad, itouch. Bose says that they don't guarantee that all the functions will work with any other smarthphones or tablet on the market. I know because I work for Bose.
  7. Bwangster12

    Bwangster12 Well-Known Member

    I have the Thunderbolt too and have actually tried 2 different sets of earbuds with mic: the MEelectronics M9P and a pair of Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds. Both do exactly what you say. You can press the button to pause/play a song but if you double press button it redials a call, who I presume was the last person I called.

    I don't think its the Bose earbuds, I think its the Thunderbolt.
  8. driftingcrow

    driftingcrow New Member

    Im having the same issue with my Philips headset made for iphone however i have seen on ebay and the likes a convert cable from iphone to android havent tried it yet but worth a try why cant manufacturers standardize components!
  9. saltire

    saltire VIP Member VIP Member

    I took a punt on SoundMagic mp21's - great value for money and sound really good (to my ears) teamed with PowerAmp (soundmagic's get some good recommendations on head-fi.org). Mic control works fine - ok it's basic 1 button operation single press to pause, double press to skip forward track, single press to answer/hang-up call. Save yourself some cash and give them a try?

    Of course your source is also going to affect sound quality (i use EAC and LAME VBR for mp3s), and in an ideal world Desire would have Wolfson inside as well :)

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