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  1. RobVos

    RobVos New Member

    Hi, just yesterday I was using an app on my phone and I thought the app wasn't working. But it turns out that the button I was pressing is right at the bottom of the sceen. I have now found out that the bottom about 1/2" of the screen does not work. So I cannot hit the phone button or the fave button or the arrow to bring up all apps. If the keyboard is up, the space and anything at the bottom will not work.

    The rest of the touch screen works normally, only the very botton does not. I tried a keyboard calibration, but I can't get through it because it will not recognize the space bar at the bottom.

    How can I fix this and what is the cause?

  2. ddog6785

    ddog6785 New Member

    Any luck with this? Mine is doing the same thing.
  3. nutosf

    nutosf New Member

    MT4G has same problem is lower bottom of screen. I am in Thailand. Shop said I need new touch screen. But not sold in Thailand.:( My question, "Is it the touch screen"?
  4. Einstine1984

    Einstine1984 New Member

    I'm having the same problem
    I used LeeDroid rom, and though it was it's fault.
    Then I installed InsertCoin 7.3.0. It still happens.
    I'm quite sure it's not a hardware problem because it goes away after a restart even if I don't move the phone at all.
    Sometimes a restart doesn't help, but restarting to recovery and rebooting always seem to solve it for a while

    My current guess it it might be some app that causes this

    Any news anyone?

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