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  1. ITofOne

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    So I just sent back my old phone back last week because the bottom LED suddenly stopped working. I had been switching back and forth between ROMs but the LED still didn't work even after resetting the phone back to factory defaults so I figured it had to be a hardware issue. I called up Verizon, explained to them that my one of my LEDs just stopped working and they shipped me out a new phone

    I have been using my new phone for about a week and today I noticed that once again the bottom flash LED was not lighting up. I did a bump charge yesterday and i'm wondering if that might have something to do with it. I did notice when experimenting with the LEDs in the past that the LEDs will work differently depending on the battery level. For example if your battery is low (maybe 25%) only the top LED will light. If your battery is really load (maybe 10%) none of the LEDs will light up. I would imagine this is by design to keep you from killing your battery when taking photos.

    My questions is, does anyone know anything about what the relationship between the battery level and the flash LEDs? Is it possible that by doing a bump charge or by swapping back and forth between ROMs that I could some how screwed up the mechanism in the phone that measures the battery level of the phone and adjusts the LEDs accordingly?

    Also I have been using the Incredilight app in order to allow me to use my LEDs as a flash light when coming to bed late at night so I don't wake my wife. Not sure if that has anything to do with the issue but I thought it was worth mentioning.

    My phone is currenlty running the Stock ROM rooted (unrevoked3) with the original radio and s-on. Previously had been playing with CynogenMOD roms using ROM Manager.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. necosino

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    I have never heard of this happening before. Obviously you rooted. Did you use the flashlight or anything that would keep the LEDs on for an extended time?
  3. ITofOne

    ITofOne Member

    Yes, as I mentioned in my post, I occasionally use Incredilight which allows you to manually turn on the LEDs without the use of the camera. It automatically turns off the LEDs after 10 seconds of inactivity though so its not likely that the LEDs simply burned out. LEDs have a life of like 30 years or something like that. I doubt the few times I used it in the past week caused damage to the LEDs.

    Update: The bottom LED just started working again. This has to be a software thing. Its not likely that 2 Incredibles both had a defect in the same way. I still think it has something to do with charging the battery. I would like to continue loading ROMs but I would like an explanation of what might be causing this first. Any ideas?

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