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  1. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    Well, I finally convinced Mom to give up the bar phone, and venture into the world of smartphone. No more 222 for C, 22 for B, 333 for F, etc. Now she doesn't have to go back and forth from her sent folder to inbox to reread a conversation. Now everything will be on one page. She's excited for that.

    I started her off with the Alcatel Evolve for $20. I felt it was a little sluggish causing her to believe she didn't press something or slide when she really did causing her to double press things, and open extra things, and become frustrated. She demanded I put her back to her Huawei Pal.

    Well, I found the ZTE Concord II for just $10 more than the Evolve which MUCH BETTER specs. Not the absolute BEST, but for her...FANTASTIC! Dual core instead of single, auto focus on the camera and a flash. 4g instead of 3g even though it's not LTE, coming from 1x, I'm sure she'll be pleased. Besides, the chances of her actually using the browser or anything data related other than pictures and email is very slim so that $40 a month / 500MB is WAY MORE THAN ENOUGH for her. I'll set up her wifi for the house so when she's home, she's on wifi, and then if she wants to venture into Youtube, and all that other stuff that eats at data, she'll be connected to our Fios.

    Anyway, she's excited, I'm excited for her. I'm pretty positive this choice is the right one, and with a 16GB micro waiting in the wind, she's good to go. She'll never come close to filling that. Originally planned to get her a 2GB but it was like $6, and the 16GB was like under $10, so no brainer, annd it's not a cheap brand card so in my eyes, she's set. Thought I would share as I'll be hanging around here from time to time now that she has this phone.

  2. Unforgiven

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    Tell mom congrats.:thumb:
    If she is comfortable with a computer, sign her up with a drop box account and set up camera sync. That way pics she takes on her phone are ready and waiting on her computer to email.
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  3. Muilisx

    Muilisx Well-Known Member

    She wouldn't know how to use that. I got her a 16GB micro for her pics which is more than enough for her. if she needs to send something, it most likely will be a simple picture message as she doesn't have a FB account and hardly logs into her email.


    Well, she's still using her bar phone as she's scared to use the new one. It's just sitting on the charger, and I end up cycling the power of the battery just so it stays good until she's ready. I use it every now and again as a wifi phone just so it gets used. I'll be forcing her to switch soon.
  4. t12b25

    t12b25 Well-Known Member

    Hi thank you both as it seems either not too many people have this phone ,or maybe just not a lot of posts. I was considering getting my cousin this phone she's older and only checks email ,and visits a few sites ,and occasional Pandora is all . she now has the evolve I think it'd be a good upgrade for her especially with this sale going on for $20. Thank you,
    Anthony .

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