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Bought Infuse and need help in HSDPA N/W and BatterySupport

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  1. itsnazy

    itsnazy New Member

    Hi everyone,
    I bought my first android phone-infuse and i am very very new to using android. I got two issues.
    1. From the day 1 my infuse battery is draining like anything. i charged the battery before sleep and in the morning it's showing red battery(low).i didn't do anything on that.(ofcourse i am sleeping so can't :)) .i read some solutions saying switch off the widgetlocker or something but i don't have that either. So, where is the wrong. Is it like this or is there a way?
    Is it the infuse issue or any apps keep on running in the back? or what should i do?

    2. i bought minimun 15 /month dataplan and i hardly use it and i got a message from at&t that my data plan is 65% used. I compared with my friend's iphone and in 4hrs, with same use, iphone shows 10/20 mb data use and infuse shows 200mb data use. i don't know why it happens?
    can you please give me some suggestions regarding both.

    Thanks you in advance.

  2. ilovemyinfuse

    ilovemyinfuse Member

    well in task manager what is running
    if email what is the push notifacation set to? if its like 5 minute thats ur problem
  3. poolgod69

    poolgod69 Member

    Some things to look at:

    - Turn off "BOTH" GPS/Maps
    - Turn off Wifi.
    - If you use Facebook you can adjust settings so it auto updates always, 1hr, 4hr, or never. I chose every 4hrs or if I go to the Facebook tab I can manually update it on the screen.
    - My screen goes into sleep mode after 2 minutes of non use.
    - I do not use any moving screen savers...Unsure how battery that will drain.

    No real battery issues here to complain about.
  4. fireonhigh

    fireonhigh Well-Known Member

    Go to the market and download the app. Data switch...
  5. itsnazy

    itsnazy New Member

    Thank you all..

    Now i am ok with the battery because i switched off everything even wifi and data plan and every app...to test...and now the battery lasts for almost 1 full day..

    But what about the data plan issue i talked about?
    why my data plan is being used vigourously? and it's almost 65% used with in a week of purchase? any suggestions on that? i don't have any special apps...so what do you think which apps or whatever are using my data plan and how to stop this and use the app at the same time?
  6. LukeOlson

    LukeOlson Well-Known Member

    I have the 200 MB plan and have never had any issues. I'm around wifi most of the time, though.

    If you don't want your 3G/4G being used, you can toggle it on/off by holding the power button, then selecting Data network mode. Hope that helps.

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