Bought the Galaxy Note with no Warranty and now im worried.General

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  1. gjunki

    gjunki Member

    Ok guys so i found this trusted website i always use ( to buy gagets and random stuff and they were selling the G-Note for $628, $180 cheaper than my local retailer that also sells the note. The problem though is im regretting it now was the $180 worth it since its coming with no warranty? I wont be rooting it or anything since thats whats my S2 used for. Do you think this was a good idea? Ive owned tons of electronics in my life and ive never had to revoke the warranty for anything but ive always felt safe with a warranty. Are there any known problems the Note has that users should be having a warranty for? Notes arriving in less than 18 hours hopefully someone can help me before then thank you I'd realy appreciate feedback!

  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    There are several 3rd party warranty companies if you want a warranty.
  3. Ziplomatic

    Ziplomatic Member

    Ok I hope the one you bought is still sealed!
    I stay in Abu Dhabi and have been recently stroling around the local shops and it was to My surprise that when I checked with them they offered Me a choice of "with warranty" and "without" !!
    I was left puzzled thinking whats the point in selling it with and without apart from the cost..I mean who would'nt buy it without a warranty!
    Without warranty AED2300 and with warranty AED2800..but with a lil searching now I managed to find that you can get it with local warranty for AED 2400 now!! :D
  4. gjunki

    gjunki Member

    I'm unaware of this could you explain?
  5. gjunki

    gjunki Member

    It's sealed but no warranty I got the 2300aaed one that I ordered from but I want to get a warranty now.
  6. gjunki

    gjunki Member

    Got the note and It's fine without warranty I think. I'm just happy to have it let's try not to brick it though
  7. saham

    saham Guest

    i used to buy tablet from online shop in dubai from,with warranty,there are site like sooq,cobon,gropon,also in dubai sells electronics with warranty
  8. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    In the UK a retailer can't sell anything without a warranty, even if it's second hand. Indeed it's against the law to sell something without a warranty or with a limited warranty imposed by the seller. The Sale of Goods Act endows rights on the buyer to expect the product purchased to be of 'merchantable' quality. An expensive mobile phone should work fault-free a certain period of time and if it goes wrong prematurely through no fault of your own, then the retailer should get it fixed for you.

    Is there no consumer protection law similar to this where you are? Also here in the UK if you pay by credit card the card company is jointly liable with the retailer for faulty goods.

    There is much less protection when buying second hand from a private individual.

    The other thing is that if the phone was brand new and sealed when you bought it, Samsung will honour their warranty for the first year. I don't think (though I am not 100% certain) that the manufacturer warranty is limited by where you live in relation to where the unit was sourced by the retailer.

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