BP paniced - into bp core dump modeSupport

  1. giminar

    giminar Member

    BP paniced
    into BP core dump mode
    trying to open usb...
    Bypassing BP.. not sure what it said (This line only comes up every so often )

    I've been getting this error for 3 days now. It will go away with a reboot, but comes back at shutdown and rebooting again. so it's like a 50/50 that I get the error. Signal is always gone though.

    Tried: Factory reset from menu and Power+X, rooted, and read as many forums as I can.

    --ALSO I HAVE NO SIGNAL--. Verizon says it's definitely my phone.

    Is it normal for someone with the factory rom to be able to use the "Power+M" function at startup if they only have root access and no other mods? It takes me to a bunch of BP options as well as recovery and whatnot.

    please help. screen is cracked. warranty won't cover and insurance still requires to fork out $100. Mother-in-law is pissed..lol

    Droid 3
    system version - 5.7.906.XT862.Verizon.en.US
    Andr. Version - 2.3.4
    Kernel -
    Build -5.5.1_84_D3G-66_M2-10

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    That doesn't sound familiar to me. Sounds like Verizon is right.
  3. giminar

    giminar Member

    so randomly my service started again today, but then after a little while dropped again. still getting the bp issue.

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