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  1. giminar

    giminar Member

    BP paniced
    into BP core dump mode
    trying to open usb...
    Bypassing BP.. not sure what it said (This line only comes up every so often )

    I've been getting this error for 3 days now. It will go away with a reboot, but comes back at shutdown and rebooting again. so it's like a 50/50 that I get the error. Signal is always gone though.

    Tried: Factory reset from menu and Power+X, rooted, and read as many forums as I can.

    --ALSO I HAVE NO SIGNAL--. Verizon says it's definitely my phone.

    Is it normal for someone with the factory rom to be able to use the "Power+M" function at startup if they only have root access and no other mods? It takes me to a bunch of BP options as well as recovery and whatnot.

    please help. screen is cracked. warranty won't cover and insurance still requires to fork out $100. Mother-in-law is pissed..lol

    Droid 3
    system version - 5.7.906.XT862.Verizon.en.US
    Andr. Version - 2.3.4
    Kernel -
    Build -5.5.1_84_D3G-66_M2-10

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    That doesn't sound familiar to me. Sounds like Verizon is right.
  3. giminar

    giminar Member

    so randomly my service started again today, but then after a little while dropped again. still getting the bp issue.

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