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  1. SoonerDave

    SoonerDave Member

    Greetings, all, and Merry Christmas!!

    We bought our daughter a Nook Tablet for Christmas, and it looks terrific - but for one problem - how do we register it?

    The startup video that is supposed to launch the registration process never played on her unit when she started it up. This was a brand-new, sealed, out-of-the-box unit, and we can't find anywhere to change or set up the device's registration. Any suggestions?


  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    You could try a factory reset, but it will wipe everything from the device including downloaded apps.

    1- hold power button down for ~5sec to turn off device (not just sleep)
    2- simultaneously press and hold the Nook and power buttons until the factory reset screen appears, 30 sec or so. Follow the direction and you should be good to go.

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