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  1. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    I bought a 3rd party MHL cable for my Note 1 which worked fine. I have just tried to use this with the Note 2 and got no output or message on the phone saying that it was connected in MHL mode. It did notify that it was charging.

    Someone mentioned that some manufacturers require own branded MHL cables to work properly and I wanted to check here if anyone knew if this was true of later Samsungs. If so it would be very pants but at least there would be a record of it for people searching on the issue before possibly buying something that would not work.

  2. oldboy74

    oldboy74 Well-Known Member

    I think its a 5 pin connector on the note and a 11 pin one on the Note 2, i think thats what i read somewhere.
  3. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

  4. Whiskeypawz

    Whiskeypawz Well-Known Member

    When I started this exploration I learned that.
    Bodestone, the good news for you is Samsung sells a 5 pin to 11 pin adapter & it's not a bad price. That's how I figured out Samsung changed it on their newer phones. (S3 also has the 11 pin). I'm sure you can probably find one on Amazon as well.
  5. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    Cheers but I really can't be doing with an MHL adapter and an MHL adapter adapter. As I said above I'll give the old one to the guy who bought my note.

    A fully compatible MHL cable is not going to be more than the adapter anyway.

    It's good to have the feedback on the post though for them as follows.
  6. Whiskeypawz

    Whiskeypawz Well-Known Member

    Yes, I believe the HDMI cable with the micro USB end that I saw on Amazon was $25.
    Regarding the 50% off coupon for Samsung, look for the thread about registering your phone on their website to get a free case. Samsung was sending some people a 50% off code & a couple of people were kind enough to post the code in that thread. I'll update this post if I can find it.
    Here is the code...

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