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  1. Silverwizard

    Silverwizard Active Member

    Below are the details of my 'phone's o.s.
    Can anyone tell me whether this is a branded or generic rom?
    Model number X10i
    Firmware update 2.1 update 1
    Baseband version 2.0.46
    Kernel Version 2.6.29
    Build Number 2.0.A.0.504

    Just wondering if I'll have to change anything to get the
    upcoming 2.3 update in Aug/Sept?

    Many thanks for any assistance you can give me.

  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    You are up to date right now.

    You may have to change something. Usually before a big release there will be another hotfix/update before the jump to 2.3

    As for whether it is the generic or could be either....looks generic, but could be the from your cell provider. Easiest way to tell if you have a branded phone are the apps. Does it have apps on there that came from your cell provider? Apps you can't remove? The worst branding tweak is not having the ability to install from Unknown Sources under Applications in Settings or under Settings, not having the top option called Sony Ericsson (where you can fetch MMS settings from your provider)
  3. Silverwizard

    Silverwizard Active Member

    Many thanks for your ultra quick response!
    Answers to your posting:-

    1/ Does it have apps on there that came from your cell provider? Apps you can't remove?

    Yes I have moxier applications which I cannot remove through manage applications.

    2/ The worst branding tweak is not having the ability to install from Unknown Sources under Applications in Settings or under Settings.

    I can (providing I tick the box) install from Unknown sources after accepting the warning.

    3/Not having the top option called Sony Ericsson (where you can fetch MMS settings from your provider).

    I recently bought a Vodafone data card & was able to download all data settings without a problem.

    So,to sum up,it seems that I have a confusing situation here,one the one hand I can access settings which are usually locked to "branded 'phones",whilst on the other being unable to remove applications which were presumably installed by a service provider ( I have a feeling moxier apps were loaded as standard by Orange).
    Would welcome any further thoughts on this issue,I really like the 'phone,& would like to benefit from the upcoming update to 2.3.(especially the inclusion of flashplayer & multitouch).
    I'm not a "techie",so the thought of getting involved with rooting & custom rom's etc fills me with a sense of foreboding to say the least!!

    Many Thanks.

  4. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Don't worry about the branding. Some cell providers load the phone with a bunch of junk that it doesn't let you remove.

    Like my cell provider put there own app on there that lets me login to their website and view my bill, and they put a horrible music app on there and they put a ringtone buying program that would allow me to download ringtones from my provider.

    AT&T doesn't allow that Allow Unknown Sources (which allows you to install APK files....which are the files you get from the lets you install hacked apps and install illegally downloaded apps....definitely not recommended, but it is a possibility) and AT&T doesn't have that top option to download MMS settings using that Sony Ericsson option.

    Vodafone keeps the phone pretty clean. No real need to debrand.

    When 2.3 is released by Sony, there will be a delay before each cell provider gives it to their customers. Vodafone might take a few weeks before they slowly start releasing it to their customers (it is all based on IMEI a serial number on the phone)

    If you want to jump the gun, I am sure it will be easy.

    It will probably consist of downloading a x10 Loader Tool....downloading the new copy of 2.3...plugging in the phone and starting it by holding the back button....then clicking a button in the x10 Loader that says Flash or load...wait 1 minute and now have 2.3 loaded.

    As for Moxier....that was a Sony branded app. There are Sony brand apps like Moxier and Mediascape and Timescape and some other stuff.

    Then there are cell provider branded apps.

    To remove Moxier, you need to download the x10 Loader Tool....start phone in flash root button....restart phone and then download Titanium Backup from the Market, and then you can remove Moxier using Titanium Backup (free on the market....lets you back stuff up and remove stuff....but to remove Moxier, you need to root....Sony really stuck it on there)
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  5. Silverwizard

    Silverwizard Active Member

    Hi again,

    Many thanks for all that info (written in plain understandable English!).
    I think I might bite the bullet & have a go!
    Can you recommend an X10 loading tool that you have used?
    Will this loading tool "root" the 'phone?,thus enabling titanium backup to do it's work.
    Presumably I would have to backup all my user data to sd prior to using such a tool?

    Once again,thanks for your help,it's much appreciated.
  6. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Here is the tool

    Always safe to do a backup first, just in case, but it will leave everything the same.

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  7. jfkdon

    jfkdon Member


    My phone is Orange branded.

    How do I go about debranding my x10 for the 2.3 update that's on its way. Its actually unlocked to all networks (does this ultimately turn the handset into a generic sort?) but I still havent got the multitouch update, so I doubt Ill be getting any sort of update in the future due to Orange abandoning the phone.

    What exactly am I suppose to do to make sure I get it? Do I root? Can I debrand without rooting? Im pretty new to this too..

    Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Wait until Vodafone release 2.3.....probably 2 or more months.

    You don't need to root or debrand or anything.

    When 2.3 is released, the phone will tell you there are software updates. Install the update using PC Companion or SEUS from Sony.
  9. jfkdon

    jfkdon Member

    The phone is from Orange but its now unlocked to all networks (I'm now using THREE)

    I have the updated 2.0.A.0.504 Band Number but theres no multitouch on my phone. Orange haven't sent it out to customers and I cant see them sending out this update. They no longer sell the phone on their website or in shops.

    So as THREE have my IMEI number, will they be sending me an update IF/WHEN they get it?

    Im in the uk by the way.

    EDIT: SE say they are only sending the update to Generic Handsets. So does this mean I wont get it as the phone is Orange branded?
  10. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    First off, don't trust anything SE says. Who knows.

    If you think Orange is never going to release 2.3, then you can do what you want. I doubt generic will be publicly released to people on Orange or any other network.

    So you option will probably be to stay at 2.1 pre multi touch or mess with the phone yourself by following the instructions earlier in this post and here:

    Most cell providers only support the releases they approve.

    Maybe talk to someone at Orange and check it out if you don't feel like rooting and eventually flashing the phone.
  11. jfkdon

    jfkdon Member

    Very much appreciate the swift response. I'm still a little confused.

    SE say they wont be sending the update to Carrier Based Handsets, does this mean a debranded phone can be updated with via SEUS?

    I'm trying to update via SEUS to get the multi-touch but its telling me my phone is up to date. Is this because Orange have branded the phone and SEUS can recognize that so it wont update?
  12. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    I doubt that if Orange doesn't approve 2.3 and release it for their customers, they probably won't allow their customers download the update via SEUS or PC Companion.

    Warranty wise....they only support what the sell. They don't approve 2.3, then they won't support it.

    But again, don't trust SE....or even Orange. Things can change in a week. If you are going by what some technician at Orange said or by one news release, don't believe it.

    If customers complain enough to Orange, they will have to change their plans.

    I am only speculating on all this stuff. It all depends what you want to do. But my guess is, if you want to update your phone in any way, you will probably have to root your phone and flash it to a newer version.
  13. jfkdon

    jfkdon Member

    Ok, thanks. I'm starting to understand it abit more now. I think I will have to root my phone as its from a cancelled contract (meaning orange might have blacklisted my imei number to not receive updates).

    Im still abit of confused on what version to download tho? Are these custom roms? Will these custom roms receive the updates when SE send them. Where exactly are these firmwares from?

    Generic version 2.1update1 build 2.0.2.A.0.24
    Generic version 2.1update1 build 2.0.A.0.504
    ADDED: X10i 2.1_2.0.2.A.0.24_GENERIC with DualTouch already in HERE just need to flash once

    I already have 2.0.A.0.504.

    Sorry to be a pain..
  14. Silverwizard

    Silverwizard Active Member

    Hi again!

    Ok,I downloaded the flashtool exe from your link,I guess I must be doing something really dumb cos I can't get it to install from my sd card (it chose to download to my card).
    Any ideas why the thing won't install?

    Once again Many thanks for your replies (and patience!).
  15. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    You don't install it on the SD card. You open it in Windows. Then when you are going through the steps to root it will get you to plug your phone in a special it boots up in flash mode.

    Basically turn off phone, remove battery and then plug phone into computer with the USB cable then when it asks, put the battery back in the phone while holding the Back button. The LED light will flash or something, and back in Windows it will start doing stuff. It will say that it is flashing the phone and a bunch of other stuff.

    That's it.

    Those are generic ROMs you can install using the x10 Tool. All of those will work...probably want to use the most recent. Those firmwares are from Sony. I think the guy who made the original post is probably on the xda developers site.

    Android & Windows Phone: Tablets, Apps, & ROMs @ xda-developers

    They are just downloaded copies of the files that you can get by using SEUS or PC Companion. They are the exact file you get from Sony.

    In order to install custom ROMs it is a little more. You have to install a bootloader and something else. You need to install Busybox and xRecovery on the phone first, then copy files onto the SD card and load them by booting up into xRecovery....then load the firmware....or load firmware and then busybox and xRecovery then reflash with custom ROM using xRecovery.

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