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  1. bobsofi

    bobsofi Member

    Hi all.

    My Bravo lags hard WHEN IT WAKES UP. I rooted it. I have tried to run minimal apps. It seems to have plenty of free memory. But it lags hard. Seems it happens when is has to wakeup. If I am using it, it seems to work fine. But it is when I pick it up after some idle time. It can show "Loading..." for nearly a minute.

    ??? ANY IDEAS ???


  2. DonDDR

    DonDDR New Member

    Yeah mine is doing the same thing. Hope someone posts up an answer.
  3. bobsofi

    bobsofi Member

    OK, it was AT&T bloatware. The easy fix is LauncherPro. It is a little hassle setting up a new home screen; but it does not LAG LAG LAG like the AT&T home screen.

    !!! Now... gotta get a faster phone !!!

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