BREAKING: Leaked Photos of Samsung R920 LTE for MetroPCS

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  1. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

  2. OnyxJay

    OnyxJay Active Member

    How is this a leak? There was a video about it on the front page of this website yesterday from CES. Also, I don't think this belongs in the 910/915 section of the forum.
  3. technoracoon

    technoracoon Member

    um no, this is the samsung attain. It was announced last week. i've used one before (coordinator for metro had one on him). Basically a r910 with gb and no keyboard. nothing special. only going to be out for a limited time iirc
  4. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    hunh, well maybe xda should reword its article then >:|
  5. lingming

    lingming Well-Known Member

    saw this 2 days ago at ces

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