Bricked? a rather strange problem here.

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  1. reclusivenigma

    reclusivenigma New Member

    So here's the deal.
    it's a long story, but i happened in a short time.
    I was unlocking my bootloader and stuff on my nexus one on my mac. using the boot loader.
    I used the superboot to unlock it.
    and so i succeed in that.
    i didn't bother with the thing.
    i didn't know that by then.
    so i went on to search about the cyanogenmod 7, and i can't get the radio refreshed. i read the article in the cm forum.
    so, i saw this post somewhere,( hundreds of posts now)
    that tells me to use the rom manager thing.
    so i downloaded it, and i tells me that my phone is not rooted!
    so i was wondering how this happened.
    i searched online, and i found this post telling me to use that install.bat(which is for windows, mac is the one i mentioned above) thing after i unlock the bootloader.
    i was a bit scared.
    but i went on to the fast boot manu and i connect my computer,
    i put the directory in, and then i threw the thing in my phone, successful, so i rebooted my phone.
    And after the first not-ANIMATED start up screen, which is the staying-X and the unlocked symbol at the bottom, the screen goes black.
    i was not sure what happened. so i pullout the battery and booted it again.
    same thing.
    it was not until the third time i opened it and waited for it, i realized that it was my screen that's not working!
    After the stable X, the system goes to the animated one, but my screen is blacked out, so i can't see.
    The bottoms on the phone are still working , yet i can't see a thing!
    I can still open the fastboot/bootloader screen, but after that, nothing!
    the recovery don't work, it's just an android with the sign.
    I'm very worried about this situation.
    please reply to me!!
    i really need help, since i know nothing about this.
    I just thought that 2.3's cool and now i got this....
    here's some info that might help,
    i have the korean version of the phone, it was cheaper and stuff.
    didn't notice a different except that there's no 3g?
    i don't really know what's the deal with it.
    but it seems to be special or something.
    ps: i have to goto sleep then school tomorrow, so i'll likely be having some time tomorrow afternoon. pacific time.

  2. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    First of all, DON'T PANIC, THE PHONE IS FINE!

    Second of all superboot doesn't unlock the bootloader. third of all, you can get into recovery, it's just you have the stock one.

    If you want to unlock the bootloader, get into HBOOT and use the command

    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot oem unlock
    Then you can use fastboot to flash a new custom recovery using the command

    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    Now you'll be able to boot into the new recovery and flash the CM7 image.
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  3. reclusivenigma

    reclusivenigma New Member

    im not sure how to flash the recovery, still.
    the phone is unlocked.
    it says unlocked on the top in the boot loader screen
  4. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    fastboot flash recovery recovery-filename.img
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  5. reclusivenigma

    reclusivenigma New Member

    so can you tell me exactly step by step how to do it?
    i know nothin at this.
    it will be really helpful if you can.
  6. reclusivenigma

    reclusivenigma New Member

    i downloaded the 2.2.1 img, and yet it gives me waiting for devices

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