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  1. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    heyy guys. after my phone recently bricked (pritty sure its bricked) i decided to post this thread in hopes that people who's phones have bricked before and they've fixed then can post instructions for people who are currently in the same situation (and possibly links to websites), there are ways to unbrick samsung galaxy s series buy using one click unbrick (google it ;) ) and you can also use odin, cross your fingers and pray to god that it will recover your phone :p.

    it would be fantastic if people can post up any useful guides for other make's of phones such as htc, sony ericson, actel, etc :) since there arnt any threads directed mainly at phones being bricked i thought this would be a good idea :)

    anyway.. this is my dilemma with my phone.

    *power button pressed to switch on, samsung logo comes on then the phone reboots about 0.7 seconds later.

    *plugged in charging (without it switched in) screen flashes a black sceen constently

    *plugged in charging (with switched on) exactily the same as the first one

    * can not boot into recovery but however can boot into download mode

    iv tryed using odin to re-flash it but when it reboots it just does the same

    as for one click unbrick it wont install on my laptop even with admin privs D:

    and as for me im completely stumped and cant figure out if its a soft brick, hard brick or a permanent brick :L any help would be fantastic

    if anyone can think of any way i could possibly recover it PLEASE let me know :L

    chears guys

    MBA cookie

  2. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    okaii guys.. i made a bit of progress on my phone (Y) i used odin and bombarded my phone with a incomplete tar fine, then it would display the battery image (but not as charging)
    and when i switched it off (after removing the battery) i managed to get the samsung screen on perminantly. after a few attempts to flast a full rom on it it then started with this (brief design) *computer* .. /!\ .. *phone* (/!\ is a yellow warning sign with an exclamation mark in it). does anyone know what i can do now?
  3. On Droid1234

    On Droid1234 Well-Known Member

    that is the same with me i turn on my phone the samsung logo comes up and then that symbol
  4. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    Ahh okaii buddy. Right. Try downloading oneclick unbrick and running it on windiws seven as admin. It tends to be funny with other versions of windows lol. I cant guarrentee it will work as i havent had a chance to test it since my phone reverted back to just flashing. You can find one click unbrick in google just type it in and follow the instructions :) if you do try it i hope for the best so let me know if it works :)
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  5. Hey your phone isn't bricked if it turns on, from the reading I have done if your phone is bricked then it will not turn on at all. If it is getting somewhere and then rebooting from what I've read it's usually fixed by flashing a new ROM. You'll have a better chance of fixing your phone if it is turning on as opposed to it not doing anything whatsoever!!
    I am new to this and this is just what I've gathered from articles, xda-developer threads and posts on this forum I am not an advanced Android user....yet. ;)
  6. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    haha i have tryed that :L iv flashed from cyanogenmod 7 to motofoca's 2.2 and stock roms too and it says the same :L so if thats not bricked i dont really have a name for it XD but yeah if you send me your email ill give you the links to one click :)
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  7. On Droid1234

    On Droid1234 Well-Known Member

    It turns out your phone and mine were semi-bricked just flash a new rom or try one click unbrick (i have no idea how to use it).
  8. mba_cookie

    mba_cookie Member

    Still isn't working. I think its best if I just send it for repair lol
  9. sandyboy24280

    sandyboy24280 New Member

    hi, im new on here and was wondering if anyone can tell me how to check if my phone is water damaged and if there is any way i could fix it?
  10. faridbm

    faridbm New Member

    I cant see anything in my phone, nor recovery, nor download, not even charging aur Samsung logo comes, what can I do, I have Samsung galaxy Europa i5500

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