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  1. alwazeplayin

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    So I finally got my cheap net10 LG L35G (Optimus Logic) rooted and while trying to customize the Rom I bricked it. When you do a Hard factory reset it doesn't bring you to a menu, it's all automated. I can get it to reset but it just hangs on the lg logo instead of preceding to the tracphone logo. I know this because I reset my wife's phone accidentally trying to get to that menu. I've tried KDZ and LG Mobile update with no success. I contacted LG about the button sequence for emergency mode or download mode and the told me there wasn't any. ANY HELP OR IDEAS?

  2. alwazeplayin

    alwazeplayin Member

    I need to add that I also have a net 10 huawie h866c that was also cheap which I also got rooted and is very different from the l35g in respects to the ROM. It won't let apps be installed to the ROM as the L35G would. I think that's where I bricked it was deleting the stock home program in favor to holo launcher and I think that's why it won't finish resetting. I could be wrong, i'm not a programmer or anything. I just hope someone who is will hack the limitations on both these phones as I would like to be able to build my own custom ROMS. After all a rom is just a backup image so to speak...plz school me if I'm wrong.
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