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Bricked (I think)Support

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  1. Maturecheesy

    Maturecheesy New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to all this so please be patient. I was trying to root my galaxy s using Odin and It failed. Now I have the dreaded phone/triangle PC icon showing and the phone is pretty much useless.:eek: It is my spare phone that I keep for giving out my number online so it's not the end of the world but I was going to use it as my main phone as I think it has a slight edge on my ace 2. I was trying to uprate it to a gingerbread version better than the stock system. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms what I can do to fix the situation.

  2. Maturecheesy

    Maturecheesy New Member

    Update I can get into download mode (big Triangle ) but Odin 3.07 ID:Com box is pale blue not yellow so its not seeing it properly I think. It was that colour when my failed attempt at rooting happened. Where can I download the correct Gingerbread for this phone as a lot of sites have taken the software down.
  3. fakhri23

    fakhri23 New Member

    I have the same problem with my phone
    please help me
  4. Maturecheesy

    Maturecheesy New Member

    Problem solved. I took my phone to a phone shop in Swansea and in the space of an hour they managed to flash it with Gingerbread 2.36.(

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