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  1. giannimerson

    giannimerson New Member

    i just rooted my mobile! i ve downloaded from the market rom manager then i ve tried to back up with rom manager and the phone shut down!!!now when i turn it on it stuck on the initial start up lg black screen permanently.i
    I need to take off the battery in order to shut it down!!!!besides when i plug in usb it does not recognize the computer that the phone is pluged althought i have the usb driver installed already.How can i restore my phone??Did i brick it??Help please!!!!

  2. ccdreadcc

    ccdreadcc New Member

    try hard reset, search in xda...
  3. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    Same thing just happened to me with the same phone and doing the same stuff.

    Had phone rooted for a week. All well but got stuck at same screen when I tried to back up original rom.

    I will try the xda thing but please let me know if you were able to work it out.
  4. pali

    pali New Member

    help mee plase. brick my phone , rom manager brick my phone , nothing hapened; powered off is vol_down + home + power and release keys at LG splash./?????????? any idea???
  5. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    The only thing I can tell you is that to get into emergency mode with Lg Optimus One you press power + vol up + back. I still have not got mine going.:(
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  6. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    Finally unbricked the phone using kdz.
    Took me hours and hours to get it to recognise the phone then no troubles at all.:D:D
  7. sujal

    sujal New Member

    how did you?? please help! :(
  8. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    Ok I copied this from xda forum by: Zecanills.

    1. You need to download the firmware of your device. Please check here the The_ERROR thread wich explains it very well:
      [ROMS] Original LG Firmware list - xda-developers
    2. Download KDZ updater and uncompress it - - online file sharing and storage - download
    3. Install msxml.msi from the uncompressed directory
    4. Conect your device (do not turn on disk storage) and run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe (Has administrator).
    5. Select Type : 3GQCT
    6. Select PhoneMode : DIAG
    7. In KDZ file : Choose the ROM file you downloaded in the first step
    8. Press Launch software update and wait (It will be 10 minutes or so). In your phone it will appear "Emergency mode". Wait until it reboots.
    And you're done!

    This is what I did:

    Basically on a windows machine you download kdz updater and uncompress it as it is a zip file.

    This is what I did on an xp laptop.

    I had to down load the drivers from the official lg site. when here you enter the code that is on the box the phone came in or under the battery.
    Chose the your county and laguage from the drop down box at the top right of the dialogue box. Then from the middle you can choose the drivers. For some reason I had to find the files and click on them to install the driver.

    Ok once you decompress kdz updater there are three seperate files to work with. 1. windows enabler. 2. msxml.msi 3.KDZ_FW_UPD.exe

    You will also need to download the right file to restore with. For me being in Australia with 2.2 I needed V10a-00.kdz. You can find it with google.

    Double click windows enabler and you will find an icon in the system tray at the bottom. Left click once and it will say on. Click and install msxml now.

    Now you have to boot the phone into rescue mode. On Lg Optimus One turn phone off even if it means taking out the battery.
    Press power - volume up - back (this button is next to the home button).

    Connect to usb now. the lap top found new hardware and installed four drivers.

    Then open device manager. Left click my computer - properties - device manager. You need to disable the lg modem driver. Left click on it and disable.

    Now launch kdz updater. There will be a drop box on left set to 3gspt or similiar. on the right drop box set to diag. The long box just above the info box with a file at the side lets you browse to find restore file. e.g. V10a.00.kdz.

    Double click the button below and let it do it's thing. My xp laptop is old and slow. Took 15min. My phone shut down and came up with an error at the last minute. Anyway I rebooted and all was good.

    Everything was the way I left it. Just had to re-root.

    My only real problem was getting the kdz installer to see the phone.
    After installing the drivers restart pc. If it finishes quickly and just before saying finished it says phone not found try removing all phone related drivers including nokia pc suite and the lg suite and remove and reinstall the drivers.

    It took a bit to get it right but it was worth it. How do you tell the wife your new phone is bricked????? :(:eek:

    Anyway I going to install android on my main pc with virtual box so I can test everything before doing on the phone from now on.

    Hope this is of some help to you.
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  9. pali

    pali New Member

    omule multumesc mult de tot.:) mai ajutat enorm de mut. a mers figura cu butoanele . mesi.:cool:
  10. lorenz0

    lorenz0 New Member

    when i did this tutorial, i power on my phone, but android loading,seen android logo, then logo disappear and again seen and continue loading, help me =(((
  11. nanda_sfx83

    nanda_sfx83 New Member

    still can't found phone.....
    pls help..
  12. rak2410

    rak2410 New Member

    Man Thank you so much! I was totally scared that i cud not unbrick it at all!! but finally unbricked it thanks to u ! :)
  13. rak2410

    rak2410 New Member

    hey just hold the power button for few seconds while that android symbol is loading .. it will start :) i just found that out by mistake :)
  14. nanda_sfx83

    nanda_sfx83 New Member

    finally made it....;)
    Thanks guys, for posting this
  15. thewes83

    thewes83 New Member

    I registered here specifically to thank you for the help. I had a bricked Optimus T, and you have literally saved my phone's life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
  16. slreddy_1137

    slreddy_1137 New Member

    i have downloaded all the files as u said, but if i connect the device the drivers are not installed, and i have started the device in Emergency mode, if i run KDZ updater also, it says device not found.

    please anyone help me on this

    thank you.
  17. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    Did you try this:
    Connect to usb now. the lap top found new hardware and installed four drivers.

    Then open device manager. Left click my computer - properties - device manager. You need to disable the lg modem driver. Left click on it and disable. :)
  18. slreddy_1137

    slreddy_1137 New Member

    tried, but no use, can any one help on this plz.
  19. shhbz

    shhbz New Member

    u mean to say when its showing the android logo we need to press the power button fr few seconds as i had this issue try flashing many times until i gave it to the service ppl as my phone was behaving the same way after flashing via kdz it used to load and and again turn black and again come back to the same android screen . It seems to be a bootloop failure to me and for all remember to switch on usb debugging before flashing and disabling usb modem in pc.

    hope we get the proper lg way of flashing or rather a safer way.
  20. CarlHatesLG

    CarlHatesLG New Member

    Greetings people.

    FYI, I have the same "emergency mode" problems (sometimes it turns on and connects USB/SD card, other times not), even though I did not try to "root" or otherwise update my OS. It just randomly started failing to connect to the PC one day, and then I saw the evil emergency screen when I attempted to reboot to fix it.

    Thus, if you rooted your phone and then had trouble a week later, the problem might be completely unrelated.

    I can usually fix it by removing the battery AND the SD card. I suspected a bad SD card may be causing the problem, but the emergency screen came up even after a data reset without any card in the phone.
  21. rozatarra

    rozatarra New Member

    if you manage to resolve, good for you, but if not, try a hard reset. hold home+volume down+power for 10 sec. that work for me.
  22. visu

    visu New Member

    hi guyzz.. i just unbricked my op1.. indian firmware using kdz followed these additional steps:
    1. reinstalled my xp sp3 os
    2. installed no other drivers other than lg united mobile drivers..
    3. installed kdz and followed the steps as said by 4wdvedge
    4. also i had to shake the phone a lot (approx. 40-50 times)
    5. start shaking the phone right after plugging into system and starting kdz.
    6. finally kdz recognized the device.. wait till "FINISHED"is displayed..
    7. the phone after reboot shows a android confused logo with an exclamatory mark
    8. now switch off the phone (by removing the battery)
    9. power ON ur device to see ur phone safe and sound the way it was before the brick..
    all d best guys
  23. sriram_11111

    sriram_11111 New Member

    fastboot mode started
    my phone through got stuck in the continous loop displaying lg and then when i pressed vol up and the right hand key botton it displayed the above message. how to resolve this?
    guys my custom recovery flash failed and since yest iam struck wondetring what to do.

    where will i get offical rom for my model?? iis the optimus 1 and lg optimus me have the same rom??

    plz help me to find rom for my devvice

    i want to get out of this asap

    downloaded the rom for my fone finally but my phone is just not going to emergency mode at all.tried many times and my lg kdz is not able to detect. tried all possible combinations it is not going into emergency mode.
    shd i go to lg service centre here in India? will they come to know since i did not install custom rom. was trying to install custom recovery and this thing happened.i did root my phone. will they come to know? guys plz help iam totally frustrated. can i get it resolved under warranty????
    plz help plz help

  24. ankit968

    ankit968 New Member

    hey guys i fallowed this instruction and on emergency mode my pone stucked and then i removed battery and now i am not able siwtch my phone on ..... nothing come on the screen,its blank ...dose it means my phone is dead or what... plzzzzzzzz.... help....:(((((
  25. After hearing this i will never ever root my O1 if i buy one in a few weeks..... :-/

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