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Bricked lg optimus one help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Support

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  1. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

  2. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    If you did something like install custom recovery on your lg optimus one and failed, you would get a black screen saying..

    fastboot mode started

    If this happens...

    Relax.. Your phone is not bricked.. There is a way to fix it...

    First disable all LGE modems under modems from windows device manager..

    Make sure you have LG united mobile drivers installed.. Or just google for it..

    Charge your phone before proceeding even if the backlight is always on..

    Things required:
    Kdz updater:
    xda-developers - View Single Post - KDZ_FW_UPD English version
    Stock rom:
    [ROMS] Original LG Firmware list - xda-developers
    USB cable, Windows PC with administrator account..

    Then press and hold both the back(return) button and the volume up button and simultaneously connect the USB cable..

    The phone should light up and say Emergency mode!! in a green background.. If it goes to emergency mode, it can be fixed... Even at your home...

    Then decompress the 7z, install msxml.msi from the uncompressed directory and run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe (With administrator rights by right clicking and selecting run as administrator).
    Select Type : 3GQCT and PhoneMode: DIAG, select the kdz file and flash the stock ROM... It would take about 15 minutes.. If the kdz updater crashes, change compatibility mode or restart the computer and phone or do something till it works (Retry retry retry)...

    Follow any one choice:

    Choice 1:
    If you want your phone to have all the data before you bricked it, just disconnect the usb when the phone shows the charge screen as if you are charging the phone while it is switched off.. (This was discovered accidentally by me so try it at your own risk) After disconnecting try to power on the normal way and it should work and the phone should be like it was never bricked.. If it doesn't boot retry flashing from the start.. If it starts and all your data is restored root it, install titanium backup and backup all your apps and data and save the contents of sdcard\titaniumbackup to your pc.. Then copy all you want in your sdcard to your pc.. Then redo all the steps without disconnecting till the kdz flasher says FINISHED.. This is because if you disconnect the usb in the middle, only half the rom would be installed which is unstable.. After installing the full rom, root it, and install titanium backup and copy all the copied content back to sdcard\titaniumbackup and restore them using titanium backup.. That's it..

    Choice 2:
    If you do not want the data and if you need to do a risk-free unbrick, then flash with the kdz updater and wait till it says FINISHED.. That's it..

    Now that you know how to unbrick it, try installing what bricked your phone again but in the correct way... GOOD LUCK...

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  3. yveris

    yveris New Member

    I did exactly as you said, i retried and retried again until it recognized my phone. And then the hell started. I tried to flash a rom that i thought it is good for my phone, but it wasn't cause kdz crashed. After that i downloaded a few more roms until i found the right one that worked, kdz did not crash anymore, finished correctly. Then when i tried to start my phone it was all good till the "android" writting, it couldn't go any further. Then i thought i should try to shut it down, and turned it on again with home+power+volume down, and it worked. He started properly, it was like new but without any applications or games that i have downloaded from market before. That's not even a problem considering i was thinking it's bricked. So this really helped me! Thank you so much blaxican25. Follow these steps carefully, and with the right rom, it will work but you will have shake the phone ALOT! It only took me like 7 hours, lol.. but it worth it!
    Good luck fixing your phones, cheers!
  4. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    Glad it helped.
  5. Niko7474

    Niko7474 New Member

  6. cyberjess

    cyberjess New Member

    I read that you used the LG Emergency Mode and was successful. Is this compatible for LG Optimus V also? I believed, ClockworkMod wiped out my cell phone's software completely. No matter what I do when I tried restoring from my backup from my SD card and do a reboot, I end up where I started....the ClockworkMod Menus. I tried using the KDZ, but the program was asking for a .kdz file. Where can I get this .kdz.file? Please help, anyone!!!!
  7. cyberjess

    cyberjess New Member

    Though your posting sounds hopeful to those with the same LG models, but have you tried successfully using the same KDZ program with LG Optimus V? This is my dilemma right now, I rooted my Optimus V using SuperClickOne 1.9.1 everything was fine. I did this so I could use some of the Tethering Programs out there to save money. Then suddenly I lost my internet connection and tried to hard reset the phone to recover from the lost till I accidentally use the factory Reset. But to my dismay,i just realized ClockworkMod took over the factory reset. So, now my phone is completely bricked...empty but just the ClockworkMod keeps appearing each time I turn on the phone. It will start with LG logo then the ClockworkMod menus to no avail.I tried your technique, but the KDZ program keeps on asking for a .kdz file? Where can I get this file from? I appreciate any help.
  8. umangleekha

    umangleekha New Member

    Hey Guys,, I Bought lg optimus one before a month.. I was bored with V10E 2.2.2 .. I sucessfully rooted V10E with gingerbreak 1.2 ... Then using Rom-Manager I tried to flash cynogen mod7 .... it was installed and i saw lg logo after that i saw cynogen mod7 boot animation ... at the cynogen mod7 boot animation i got boot looped... then i tried kdz but it didn't recognized my phone .... then i tried the factory reset key combination and saw the "rom manager recovery menu"..... I tried to master reset but it failed ... at the rom manager reset menu i tried kdz once again and it recognized my phone :) ... but the installation failed and mo phone turned off .... I tried to power on but failed .... Finally i took it to the service centre and they told me that my phone is dead and needs motherboard replacement ....
    ** now my question is that though my motherboard is dead.. will they come to know that i tried to flash my device ?? **
  9. ronnie47

    ronnie47 New Member

    how do you do that please
  10. dost4frnd

    dost4frnd New Member

    Help me out???? What you did to boot your phone? Same situation ankit...:(

  11. PaYr0

    PaYr0 New Member

    I cant find the lg stock roms. Any help? web page? link? I need help my phone is a Lg-509 and my screen shows Fastboot mode started udc_start but i cant get it in emergency mode. i downloaded kdz but need the rom :( any help plzz im desperate.
  12. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    Hi all, I would also appreciate a link to the latest official G.B. rom for the LG p500.:D
  13. waseem_ak

    waseem_ak New Member

    bricked my lg optimus one..... ccant get it back to emergency mode... plz help
  14. jm0990

    jm0990 Guest

    Thank you for taking the time to post your experience w/ the steps. I bricked my phone after flashing Clockwork and I was stuck on a reboot loop on the LG screen. After locating the correct firmware, I ran through it just like you did and got an error, manually restarted (had to pull the battery and restart twice after finishing KDZ), and everything is now running just like stock. The result is that I saved all my programs and settings, but I lost the root. Thanks!

    Also, anyone who is looking for firmware for their LG Phone...check out the firmware finder this guy made available; it was a huge help for me:

    I guess I don't have enough posts to include a link yet...but here's the thread title at xda: "Application for download Original LG Firmware"
  15. jm0990

    jm0990 Guest

    while the phone is off press: vol down + back + power button

    ...or are you saying you've already done that?
  16. Lakshya

    Lakshya New Member

    THANKS thanks thanks a lot buddy ..if u wouldnt have been so detailed ,i would'nt have been able to solve this problem ..thanks a ton ..

    guys keep trying ..it will work once ..i had to reboot my pc twice to help kdz recognize my phone :) retry retry...
  17. thejeraldo

    thejeraldo Member

    mine got bricked. but the problem is i cant get it to power on. home+voldown+power is also not working. please help. thanks.
  18. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

  19. thejeraldo

    thejeraldo Member

    do i need to take off the battery? doesnt seem to work (back+volup+power) and i already have LG United mobile drivers installed.
  20. kawaisoonano

    kawaisoonano New Member

    hi,ankit968. Im facing the same problem with you. Did u solve it? If so, can you tell me what i can do? im in worry.:mad:
    Or anyone can give me better advice?
  21. ralliarrtmani2

    ralliarrtmani2 New Member

    i rooted my optimus one using super one click and using rom manager i tried to backup from current rom during which the mobile shutdown........i thought it was backing up the rom latter i cam eto know that it was bricked:eek:.
    after researching a lot to unbrick the device i fell upon this forum and used the method as explained by an user ..
    1.downlaod kdz.rar
    2.unzip it
    3.u will find an installer named msxml.msi install it.
    4.restart the pc
    5. download your original firmware
    6.know open the kdz folder that u have unzipped and click kdz.exe
    know comes the tricker part take ur phone and hold the power+volume up+back button untilll u seee an yellow screen stating emergency mode then connect it to the pc.
    7.it will detect the hardware and installl the drives and also download lg mobiledriver and install it.
    8.know open the kdz.exe and select 3gqct in the type bar and emergency mode in the phone mode..and set the path for the downloaded firmwareand double click launch software update.
    9.it will take 5-10 minutes
    10.when it is finished ....it is done
  22. 4wd vege

    4wd vege Member

    Hi did it work for you?
  23. saumit

    saumit New Member

    from where do i get the firmware ?
  24. keniaespinoza

    keniaespinoza Member

    It didnt work! :(
    After doing all the reset as you say it just stay the same, its still stuck on the android screen even i lost my KOODO MOBILE (my phone company) screenshot of welcome...
    Just i dont know what to doo :( seems like the phone is empty!
  25. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    you have to hard reset it after flashing or you get bootloops

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