Bricked lg optimus q

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  1. mcain112

    mcain112 New Member

    umm hi, i kinda screwed up my straight talk lg optimus q, i was messing around with a root uninstall & uninstalled the android systems (i guess the root of the phone) & now it wont boot past the lg screen, i can get to the recovery menu but i can't find the "GOTA update file" (thats what it appears to be looking for) if any one can point me in the proper direction of the file or any file that can be placed on the sd card to restore the android system i'd be eternally grateful

  2. hawaiifarm82

    hawaiifarm82 New Member

    Did you ever get an answer? Because I did something similar mow my 3g wont work and everything else us acting really funny please iv been looking for hrs now and this was the closest iv gotten to anything remotely like my problem.

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